Nov 30, 2010

Dolly is back in Big Boss.

Dolly is back in Big Boss.

Dolly Bindra is back in Big Boss and she has now came in a different mood. Dolly has returned back to Big Boss on public demand and now Dolly will like to keep the public happy by being good in the house and not making others upset.May be some people really like the brave behaviour of Dolly and may be she be the same but little calm.
After her return Dolly Bindra and others were given a task to perform . Dolly Bindra had to be the queen and others in the Big Boss house had to do what Dolly tells them and they had to take permission from Dolly Bindra from going anywhere.

Dolly after her entry also asked Sweta tiwari to forgive her if she had hurted her by her words.Sweta seemed very happy seeing that Dolly has entered with a change and she also has started to play quit games. Dolly told Ashmit Patel and Veena that Sara had nominated Veena previous time and this made Ashmit a lot angry on Sara.It will be worth to watch how will be behaviour of Dolly in the big Boss House in the future days.



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