Nov 20, 2010

Sunidhi Chauhan and Enrique Iglesias to record song together.

Sunidhi Chauhan and Enrique Iglesias to record song together.

The latest news in bollywood is that Sunidhi Chauhan who has already sang many songs in bollywood and has gain lot of popularity in bollywood is now ready to record a song with the famous Latino Enrique Iglesias. Sunidhi and Enrique Iglesias are to record a romantic ballad together.

The song that Sunidhi is going to record with Enrique Iglesias is full with love and feelings and this may make Sunidhi more popular.As Enrique is too much busy Sunidhi Chauhan herself has went to US.

It seems that Sunidhi has started her new singing journey and may be soon she will a popular singer worldwide. This will be a very big moment for fans of both Sunidhi and Enrique to see how popular the video and song gets.


  1. best news ever, go on Sunidhi, you deserve it.

  2. Yes It seems that Sunidhi soon will be a star which will make her name worldwide.Lets wish Sunidhi all the best Amit.

  3. all the best...........
    only you deserve.......
    iiiiiiii love uuuuuuuuuuuu.......
    one day world will fall in love....

  4. santosh you seem to big fan of Sunidhi Chauhan...she is really a fantastic singer and Sunidhi Chauhan may get popular worldwide soon


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