Sep 27, 2014

WordUp (BigRock) Event for Bloggers – A Day to Remember Forever

We bloggers may always spend time writing or thinking about ideas, but this was the day when most of us decided to have fun and get some more knowledge about blogging. I decided to dedicate this day to blogging; and that's why had to miss college, make my freelance writing clients wait and miss some other things. Excitement of meeting my favorite bloggers made me reach right on time, or I should say 20 minutes before it. Reaching early gave me the chance to meet Amit Agarwal Sir - most knowledgeable and experienced blogger. Now let me make you know the Experience I had at the WordUp Event.

A Start which Motivated Everyone

 I must say that Indiblogger and BigRock planned this event in the best way. In the start we were told to take selfies as there was a special contest in which they were going to award the bloggers who'll be taking the best selfies. When we entered we got our id card and a bag. The most amazing thing is that the bag contained wireless speaker and the free coupon (Domain + Hosting) by BigRock.

The thing which gave me an idea about how amazing the event is going to be was the performance by Nihal and his team...I can tell the band to be the 'Super Rockstar' band as it made us enjoy a lot. 

Rocking Performance at WordUp (BigRock Event)

Oops I shouldn't forget to write about this. After the performance when I came across Nihal, I told him that the next step he should take may be towards Hollywood. He smiled and felt happy that I liked his performance.

Vinit Goenka - The First Speaker at the Event

 So the first speaker to speak at the event was none other than the well known person Mr Vinit Goenka. He delivered the keynote and then we bloggers started asking him some very interesting questions. We were so excited that we didn't come to know that how fast the first session ended.

Amit Agarwal - Our Blogging Guru

Amit Agarwal - ProBlogger at WordUp Event

Yeah we may definitely call Amit Agarwal sir as the 'King of Blogging'. I respect him a lot because he deserves it. When in the start I met him he saw my id card and I made him know my blog url. He seemed to be very friendly and answered to all my questions.

 In his speech he talked about how he has benefited by being an Indian blogger to start blogging before many of us. He also made us know that how important it is to write in the most unique way for making the blog readers visit our blog again and again. Amit Agarwal sir made us know the real importance of high quality content. This session also ended in half an hour, but I hoped that it will last a little longer as I expected to learn a lot from him.

Anshul Tewari

Blog Promotion Session by Anshul Tewari

Blog Promotion was the topic Anshul Tewari decided to speak about. He talked about how patience is the key to success in blogging. He also talked about the award he got for his blog 'YouthKiAwaaz'. It was a superb session as he made us realize the importance of marketing, branding and unique ideas.

Chai with Lakshmi Rebecca

This session was again an important one for most of us. In the start we were shown a video clip which made us know that how we can get success in anything, but without determination nothing can be achieved. It was a video clip which made us know that how a-forestation is very important and how a guy achieved good success in it. She later on had a small discussion with Mr Sunit Singh who is also a very well known personality. We got some new ideas from this session and that's why it was an important one.

Varun Krishnan -  A Motivator for Many

FoneGuru Varun Krishnan at WordUp Meet

I get inspiration from Varun because I also run a blog about smartphones and that's why I was very excited to meet him. When I met Varun at the start of the event I asked him about how I can get direct advertisers for my blog. He said something about it to me, and then said that it is none other than blog monetization - the topic which I'm going to take up today.

In his speech he talked about how blog monetization can be done. He also suggested us to say 'No' to advertisers who don't understand the value of hard work we're putting in for our blogs. He definitely seemed to be a tech enthusiast person and the smartwatch he was wearing looked very amazing.

Knowledgeable Session by Krishna Chepuri

 Krishna Chepuri told about his journey with 'The UnReal Times' and he also made us know about some of the very important legal aspects.

Most Amazing Lunch Session

 Yeah I'm a foodie, but this lunch session was the most amazing one as I got the opportunity to personally ask few questions to SEO Guru - Harsh Agarwal. I had numerous questions lined up for him, and the most amazing thing was that he answered to all of them. I'm thankful to Harsh for giving answers to my questions.

Let me make you know the questions which I asked Harsh Agarwal during the lunch session.

How to maintain Search Engine Ranking and beat the top sites?

Whether to focus totally on blogging or just keep it as a part time activity?

His answers were perfect and made me realize that why he is called as a SEO Guru. He is a perfectionist and professional like Aamir Khan. He is a person who believes in improvement and hard work.

 Scherezade Shroff

Scherezade Shroff at WordUp Meet

So the lunch session was over, but it was not the time to sleep as an interesting session was going to begin. Scherezade Shroff - fashion blogger, model, vblogger was the next speaker. Her session was an interesting one and she impressed most of the bloggers with her speech. It seemed that her journey has just started and she may definitely get lot of success in future.

 Harsh Agarwal - SEO Session

Harsh Agarwal SEO Guru at BigRock's WordUp Meet

This was the session of SEO tips. He made us know about some of the most important SEO tips. Some of the tips were very new for the newbie bloggers and that's why many bloggers started listening keenly to Harsh Agarwal. Then started the question-answer round in which bloggers started asking questions related to SEO to the well known SEO Guru Harsh Agarwal. A very young blogger who was 12 years old also asked some of his questions to Harsh Agarwal, and I really liked the polite way in which Harsh answered to all his questions.

 Bhavish Ailani - Shifting Focus from Blogging to Comedy

This was the session in which we bloggers needed to forget about blogging, writing and all other activities. Bhavish Ailani was on the stage to make the bloggers laugh and he did it in the best way. Some of his Jokes were really liked by the bloggers and many bloggers thought to share them with their friends on Facebook and Twitter.

Kudos to the Indiblogger team for making bloggers feel relax and more happy by making Bhavish Ailani be a part of the WordUp event.


Yeah in the end we said 'Bye-Bye' to all our blogging friends, Indiblogger team and the BigRock team as the day dedicated to blogging had to end. All bloggers were gifted with a t-shirt written with 'Blogging-It's in Me'.

In the end I'll like to say 'Thank You' to the BigRock and Indiblogger team. It is because of you guys that we got the chance to meet our favorite bloggers. This day will be remembered by most of the bloggers who attended the event. Bloggers from other cities too must be wishing to be a part of such type of entertaining BigRock event in future.


  1. Mohit ,
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  2. The event was unforgettable and your post is doing justice to it, I expected more details from you but I kinda liked this short and sweet post. Thumbs up

  3. Hey Jim my brother how can u find this post to be short? It has over 1300 words and tried to include many images....anywayz thanks for liking this short and sweet post :P

  4. Mohit, by short and sweet I meant to-the-point post - 1300 words is actually long :P

  5. ah then too I'm not totally satisfied Jim...I wished to make it to 2000 words....:p


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