Jul 12, 2010

Martin Lawrence and Shamicka Gibbs are Married.

 Martin Lawrence and Shamicka Gibbs are Married couple.

  Martin Lawrence known for his comedy married his longtime girlfriend Shamicka Gibbs on Saturday in Beverly Hills. This has been the latest hollywood gossip going around that when they would get married and now the answer is here this saturday they finally married and this news spread all around. Lawrence and Gibbs 2daughters from prior marriages also had form a part of the ceremony. The marriage ceremony ended with four-course sit down dinner Which also consisted of lawrence favourate dish.

Spain won the World Cup final which Paul the Octopus had predicted.

   Yesterday Spanish won the world cup final by 1-0 beating Holland which made many Holland fans sad but the two happy groups were spanish fans and the fans of  Paul the Octopus who has predicted that Spain would win and his prediction went right . The news on the television channels showed that Paul Octopus Prediction went right and the prediction of parrot went wrong . May be in future Paul Octopus be used to predict more matches and may be matches of Cricket also.

Jul 5, 2010

American actress ASHLEY GREENE is moving to NEW YORK.

Actress ASHLEY Greene who made lots of fans by her role in the 2008 Movie "twilight " is shifting to New York . She was in trouble because she think the current place he living in is not safe for her and always some people are following here so she had made a plan to get a flat in New York . She is looking forward to lead a peaceful life in Manhattan city .

Indian Cricket team Captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni got married .

 Indian cricket team captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni got married to Sakshi Ravat Yesterday night . Many few people knew about this and after they saw this news on tv many got surprised . Dhoni kept his marriage as a secret and only few of his close friends knew about this . Few people who attended the marriage are Suresh Raina , R P Singh and John Abrahim . It has been heard that the person who danced the most in the marriage is Dhoni himself . All were surprised to see Dhoni dancing with so much fun . It seems Dhoni is very happy with the marriage and may we soon see him going for honeymoon with his wife.