May 8, 2015

Bringing GENX Factor in Life with the New Tata Nano GenX

 I was not thinking about travelling anywhere for the next few days. But when I got selected for the Pune Road Trip with Tata Nano GENX Easy Shift AMT by Indiblogger, then I immediately said 'Yes' for it. Already, I could feel that I'm going to have the best time of my life going through the roads of Pune.

 Even if my exams were going, I decided to go for the road trip. Everyone wants to bring change in his life and that's why I made the decision that I'll try to bring some changes in my life by enjoying this trip as much I can.

 2 Exams were over, but 2 were yet to come. The GENX factor in life seemed to be missing as lot of time was going for studies and work.

 I knew that Indiblogger and Tata would have done best arrangement for the bloggers and there will be lot of excitement and fun for the bloggers. Now I'll let you know that how I got back the GENX factor in my life by going for the Tata Nano GenX Pune Road Trip.

 Firstly, all the bloggers from Mumbai travelled to Pune in bus, while there were some Pune bloggers who came in the Cab arranged for them. When we reached the Tata Lake House, I felt very happy. We were going to know about the technical specifications of the Tata Nano GenX, but before it I thought to spend some time with the nature.

Tata LakeHouse (Falling in Love with Nature)

 Let me make you know some of the most amazing features of the new Tata Nano GenX which will bring GENX factor in your life.

 1. Looks Amazing from the Front 

 'Sangria Red' color is my favorite one and that's why Tata Nano GenX left a very good impression on my mind. Its looks like a 'Smiley Face' from the front which is derived from Twist Active concept. As compared to the first Nano, the design of Tata Nano GenX design seems to be much better and improved. The smoked headlamps and fog lamps make the new Tata Nano GenX look more amazing.

 The Tata signature grille and some other changes is something I really liked about the Nano GenX.

 If your budget is less and you need a car which will make your friends say 'wow', then Tata Nano GenX is the car which shall be the perfect one for you.

 A good looking car is something which will definitely bring the GENX factor in your life as you may start feeling confident and motivated in front of others.

 It won't be priced very high and that's why the good design may make many people prefer Tata Nano GenX over the other affordable cars available in the market.

 2. 5-Speed AMT

 The 5 speed Automated Manual Transmission (AMT) is something which everyone is going to love. All the bloggers who drived the Tata Nano GenX felt very comfortable in driving it which is all because of this AMT feature. You also have the option to switch to manual transmission.

 Manual transmission is something which you may not be liking. This is the reason that the AMT function may make you immediately go for the GenX Nano.

 If you're someone who is very sporty, then you should know that there is even a 'Sports Mode' which will give you a very good experience.

 3. Beautiful Interior will Make You Feel Awesome

 I really liked the interiors of the new Tata Nano GenX. The seats are very comfortable and the best thing I liked is the combination of colors used for the interior of the new Tata Nano GenX.

 The beautiful interior made me fall in love with Tata Nano GenX and I never felt bored while sitting in the new Tata Nano GenX.

 May be it was because of the amazing interior that provided me with positivity and happiness while on the Pune Road Trip in the new Tata Nano GenX.

 4. Luggage Capacity of 110 litres 

 Many people whenever they are travelling to somewhere far, they carry lot of stuff with them.

 Keeping such people in mind, Tata has provided luggage capacity of 110 litres which will definitely make up the mood of these people.

 5. Bluetooth Enabled Music System 

 Tata Nano GenX comes with Bluetooth Music System which will definitely make all the music lovers happy.

 Music brings GENX factor in life of many people and that's why I think that the music system provided in Nano GenX will bring back the excitement in your life.

 6. 24 Litre Tank - Tension Free Driving

 The new generation people may not like to waste their time in fueling their car again and again.

 Tata Nano GenX comes with 24 litre tank which is something people who go for long trips may definitely like. You'll be drive up to 500kms by getting the fuel tank completely filled.

 Even the Electronic Steering wheel which has a 3-spoke short diameter is one of the best features of Tata Nano GenX. You'll be able to take turns very easily and comfortably.

  After knowing all these amazing features and functions, you may definitely want to have the Tata Nano GenX immediately in your life. You'll definitely be able to have the same time of fun and excitement and fun which we bloggers had on the Road Trip in Tata Nano GenX.

 Tata is always known for making the customers happy. I got surprised seeing the way Tata had arranged everything. The most amazing thing was getting an opportunity to be at the Tata LakeHouse. It is really good to see that how well the Tata LakeHouse is maintained and the natural beauty of this place can definitely change the mood of any person. Nature is something which can bring GENX factor in life of any person.

 Total Excitement with the Team B in Tata Nano GenX

 7 different teams were formed and each team including a Tata employee formed part of each team so that he will guide the driver on the route.

 The best thing which we bloggers had to do while travelling in the Tata Nano GenX Easy Shift AMT is that we had to complete many challenges. 

After completing different challenges, all bloggers felt very happy. It is the GENX factor which made many bloggers compete with each other in a good spirit.

Lunch at the Mezza9 Lounge

 You shouldn't miss out the check the below pic too. This pic is of the Mezza9 lounge in Pune. We bloggers got to eat some of the most delicious starters and amazing lunch at the Mezza9 lounge.

 Thanks to Tata and Indiblogger for selecting it as all the bloggers definitely had good time eating the yummy food. If you're a foodie, then you shouldn't miss out to visit Mezza9 lounge.

 Entertainment Time for the GenX Bloggers

 When we returned from the road trip, there was something very amazing planned for us.

 It was the entertainment time and the evening breakfast which gave relaxation to all the bloggers.

 We got the opportunity to listen to very amazing music and at the same time we even got the opportunity to play the drum type musical instrument. Bloggers while playing the instrument for a hour forgot everything else as all were totally focused on drumming in the best way.

 We were provided with cold drinks, puffs and the most amazing thing was the cup cakes. The cup cakes looked amazing and they tasted yummy. Most of my friends loved the photo of cup cakes which I shared on my various social networking profiles.

 Amazing Goodies

 Tata to make the bloggers happy provided us with some of the most amazing goodies. T-shirt, watch, selfie stick, powerbank, a small car(pen drive) etc.

 Like the way Tata makes its customers always stay happy, it made the bloggers very happy and it was one of the best road trips of my life. I have already started wearing the amazing looking watch regularly and I may even carry the selfie stick to some of the events.

 The new Tata Nano GenX is going to be available in 4 trims which are XE, XM XT and XTA (only AMT). There is a 1+1 programme which will allow the Nano owners to be the first ones to own the new Tata Nano GenX. The pre-bookings for the Tata Nano GenX has already started and that's why you need to hurry. The launch date of Tata Nano GenX is May 19 which is very near.

If GENX Factor is missing in your life, then you should definitely buy Tata Nano GenX as immediately as you can. Tata has already bought change in life of many people and this new Nano launched by Tata may soon bring some of the best changes in your life.


  1. Wow! Looks like u had fun buddy! The pics are awesome. And of course nicely written post.

  2. Good One. I am tempted to Buy One.


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