Nov 18, 2010

Pamela Anderson does sizzling dance in Big Boss House.

Pamela Anderson does sizzling dance in Big Boss House.

After the entry of Pamela Anderson in Big Boss House and many male house mates getting crazy in the Big boss house it is the time for Pamela Anderson to make others go mad through her sizzling dancing style.

After her entrance Pamela seem to getting along with other people in the Big Boss House and she was also given a seperate room to rest in the Big Boss House.Pamela seem to be trying to learn Hindi from Manoj Tiwari and he also showed lot of wish to make Pamela learn hindi.

Pamela was seen dancing in the espisode telecasted today and she seem to be ready to dance on any hindi song. She danced this time on the hindi song 'Dhak Dhak Karna Laga' and may be many other songs will be played on which Pamela will keep showing her sizzling dance. It seem that all the guys in the house were going crazy seeing the sizzling dance of the hollywood actress Pamela Anderson.

It will be a lot fun to see how many more dancing steps Pamela shows in the Big Boss house and how much entertaining the show becomes due to her. 


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