Oct 18, 2014

#GharWaliDiwali - Best Time to Connect with Friends and Relatives

 Diwali is the festival which allows us to connect with every friend and relative in the best way. Every Diwali we work less and try to give more time in meeting all our friends and relatives. #GharWaliDiwali is the right word to make everyone understand the importance of this Diwali festival. Nowadays due to very busy schedule most of us don't get time to invite our friends and relatives to our home, but during Diwali we try our best to invite each and everyone. During Diwali everyone tries to make the home look clean and do different preparations for making the guests happy.

 Remembering the Golden Days of Childhood

 The best thing I remember about celebrating Diwali is that I used to get new clothes from my parents during every Diwali festival. Most of the kids love Diwali festival mainly because of the reason that they get maximum gifts during the Diwali festival. Kids even get the chance to eat lots of chocolates and sweets during the Diwali festival. As Diwali festival is always full of fun and excitement, I used to keep waiting for the Diwali holidays to begin.

 I still remember the way I used to wait for my relatives to come to our home. I also remember the way my parents used to welcome them in the house with snacks and cold drinks. I used to think that every relative will bring a toy for me, but then I used to find that most of them have come up to our home carrying different type of sweets. Still there were few relatives who never missed out on bringing a toy for me during every Diwali festival.

 Every Diwali used to be a memorable one as no relative missed the chance of giving a visit to my home.

  Bursting Crackers with Friends

 During childhood I used to enjoy bursting crackers with my friends. With time the love for crackers has reduced as I believe that lot of pollution happens because of such crackers. We should definitely fire some crackers every Diwali, but never try to waste lot of money on it. Money that we can save by spending less on crackers can be useful in gifting some sweets to the poor people. As this Diwali we try to spread happiness everywhere, we should never forget those who don't have the money to enjoy Diwali like the way we can.

Image Source - Pokhila

 Every Diwali is now too celebrated in the same way, but some of my relatives have shifted far and now cannot visit our home. Technology now helps in connecting with relatives who have shifted to Kolkata and some other cities. We try to connect with far away relatives by video calling and various other ways. This Diwali few of my relatives from Kolkata are going to come to my home in Mumbai and that's I'm very excited to see them after a long time.

 #GharWaliDiwali Video

 You should visit #GharWaliDiwali website for sending special messages to your friends and relatives. By doing this, you'll be able to win some special prizes during this Diwali festival.

 Diwali festival is the best festival as it is the festival of lights and everyone seems to be in happy mood. Diwali is the right time to forget all the grievances and meet those people with whom we don't connect much. We should always try to re-connect with our friends who're not in touch during the Diwali festival. Some people celebrate Diwali festival every year in a new unique way which is indeed a very wonderful thing. 


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