Nov 26, 2010

Dolly Bindra will Re-Enter Big Boss House.

Dolly Bindra will Re-Enter Big Boss House.

The latest gossip going all around is that Dolly Bindra will re-enter the Big Boss House. In this Big Boss 4 first time 2people got evicted together.After getting into arguments with Sameer Soni both Sameer and Dolly Bindra were removed from the Big Boss House. But Sameer has again already Entered the Big Boss House and now will be waiting for the entry of Dolly Bindra.

Most of the housemates of Big Boss 4 had arguments with Dolly Bindra and it made the TRP Of Big Boss to raise to a very high level. In a recent interview at a news channel many people called up to talk to Dolly Bindra and said that they are not liking Big Boss without her and her hoping that she would also enter Big Boss House again.

In the last few days after the exit of Dolly Bindra there hasn't been much to watch in Big Boss and people seem to be getting bored and may be it is the time to bring back Dolly .It will be exciting to see when will Dolly Bindra enter Big Boss again and how will be her behaviour.People will be hoping to see that they will see the same Dolly again .May be this time Dolly may enter the house with a completely changed behaviour


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