Nov 19, 2010

Aamir Khan becomes bald again for a movie.

Aamir Khan becomes bald again for a movie.

After his movie Ghajini becoming a big hit its again Aamir Khan who has become bald again for an another movie.We all know how much his role was liked in the movie ghajini where he had a different look through his new hair style.

Aamir Khan who is famous as a perfectionist has again got a bald look and the news is that this look is for a movie which will be produced by Aamir and Excel Entertainment. In this movie Aamir Khan has got a bald look and is going to play the role of a cop.The news is that Aamir has removed most of his hair and left just little bit hair on his head So that when it grows up he can get the look he wants.

It will be very exciting to see that whether he will have similar look as he had in Ghajini or this will be an another look will get famous among Aamir Khan fans. Hope So that his new movie will get as much popularity as Ghajini did.


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