Nov 25, 2010

Rishi Kapoor angry on Karan Johar.

Rishi Kapoor angry on Karan Johar.

It seems that may be the TRP of the show Koffee with Karan may be increasing but Karan Johar will need to face lot of anger from Rishi Kapoor and may be Neetu Kapoor too. Karan Johar is a good friend of Rishi Kapoor and his family and may be there will be end of this relation as it seems that Rishi is very angry on Karan Johar as he asked very personal questions regarding his son Ranbir Kapoor to Deepika Padukone and Sonam Kapoor who had came to the show Koffee with Karan.

Karan Johar asked lot of questions to both Deepika and Sonam Kapoor and he even asked questions regarding Ranbir Kapoor and they both made a lot of fun and jokes about him. Deepika also said that Ranbir is not a good boy friend. Rishi Kapoor has said that he didn't expected Karan Johar who is his good friend to ask questions regarding Ranbir to Deepika and Sonam.

It would be very exciting to see whether Rishi would show his anger on Karan any where and whether this will be a end of friendship between Karan and the Kapoor family.


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