Nov 24, 2010

Sylvester Stallone to enter Big Boss House.

Sylvester Stallone to enter Big Boss House.

The latest gossips in bollywood is about Sylvester Stallone. After the entry of Pamela Anderson it would be second hollywood star to enter Big Boss House. If Sylvester Stallone enters the Big Boss House it will be the first season of Big Boss in which two hollywood stars would have made their appearance in the Big Boss House. Sylvester his Famous in India for Rambo series and also for his latest movie Expendables which has gain lot of popularity.

There has been a fight going among all the shows for TRP and may be due to this Big Boss is ready to spend money to get the biggest stars in the house. Sylvester Stallone has lot of fans in India and may be thats why Sylvester has been invited to Big Boss House So that after the exit of Pamela Anderson the TRP of Big Boss doesn't goes down.

It would indeed be a very big entry in the Big Boss House if Sylvester enters Big Boss and may be most of his fans will be waiting to see him in Big Boss.


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