Nov 22, 2015

#Madeofgreat - Doing Something Great Without Talking About It

 We have many things to do in our life. Many of us forget that we need to do something good for the society. It is necessary that one should work for a cause and keep doing it forever. If everyone will do something good, then many problems can get solved. I never knew that there are some people who do some amazing things without talking about it to anyone else. They are the most genuine people and just want to help everyone without thinking about getting anything back in return. 4 years back I shifted to a new locality and then I got to know an aunty who is always doing something great for the society.

Nov 11, 2015

Flipkart Introduces 'Flipkart Lite', App Only Plan Dropped

 Flipkart has taken a surprising move by launching 'Flipkart Lite' especially for those who purchase products from Flipkart using their mobile phone. Previously, Flipkart has announced that it will go App only, due to this people were not able to access the Flipkart's mobile website and soon the desktop website was going to get shut down. Flipkart seemed to have understand that people need all the options and that's why it has dropped the App only plan. The new Flipkart Lite for smartphones may definitely be liked by the customers as they won't be required to download the Flipkart App.