Dec 15, 2010

Shahrukh Khan to host 'Wipeout' - Indian Version.

Shahrukh Khan to host 'Wipeout' - Indian Version.

                                The latest news about television shows is that there is a new reality show going to come on television which will be the Indian version of the American show Wipeout which is very popular worldwide and whats more interesting is that it will be hosted by none other then King Khan of Bollywood that is Shahrukh Khan . This news has created a buzz because Shahrukh is going to get 5 crores for hosting the show.

                     Shahrukh Khan has hosted KBC and Paanchvi Paas before and it would be an another difficult task for Shahrukh to host an another television show once again . The show may create a huge buzz as many people are very big fans of Wipeout and it will be exciting to see whether the format of the show will be same like Wipeout or there will be something new in this show which will be hosted by King Khan.


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