Aug 3, 2014

Why Every Youngster Should Opt for Kotak Jifi Account?

When it comes to opening a bank account there may be many choices available. Our thinking may change with our age. Youngsters have an unique type of thinking, as they always think about enjoying their teenage life. Youngsters who always wanted to have a bank account which fulfills their requirements should definitely try to know about Kotak Jifi account. In this post I'm mentioning the reasons which will make every youngster opt for Kotak Jifi account.

 I got to know about Kotak Jifi account for the first time when I attended #JifiIsHere meet for bloggers. Kotak Jifi account is the bank account which provides comfort, social banking facility and many other benefits to youngsters.

 Here are the reasons which should motivate every youngster to get a Kotak Jifi account as soon as possible.

Youngsters no longer need to Worry about Minimum balance

 Many youngsters don't open many bank accounts just because they know that they may not be able to maintain minimum balance in all their bank accounts.

 Youngsters often spend without thinking, and that's why there is chance that they may use up all the money that they have in their bank account.

 Kotak understands the requirements of youngsters. Jifi account is the account for which one doesn't need to maintain any minimum balance.

 So when youngsters go shopping they can buy clothes, perfumes and other cool stuff using their Platinum debit card without worrying about the requirement to maintain minimum balance. Kotak provides Platinum Debit card with every Jifi account.

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Youngster in above image seems to be very happy and it can be easily understood..I feel that every youngster who will opt for Kotak Jifi account will also get happy in the same way.

 Opportunity to Earn Useful Reward Points

 What are Reward Points? How to Earn Reward Points?

 Are you getting these questions in your mind? 

 Kotak Jifi understands that youngsters love to go for shopping and dine in good restaurants. So with your Kotak Jifi account you can earn reward points which you can redeem for shopping or for dining at some of the best restaurants.

 Earning these reward points is very easy. You earn reward points when you do transactions online with Kotak Jifi. Kotak just wants youngsters to go more social. This is the reason which makes Kotak give rewards points even for your likes and comments.

 Referring friends can also make you earn these reward points. One can refer friends through Facebook or just by sharing an unique link. More the friends you'll invite, more the reward points you'll earn.

So are you ready to earn rewards points by opting for Kotak Jifi account? 

 No Need to Visit Bank for getting Fixed Deposit done

 Even youngsters like to save money. Many youngsters may like to opt for a FD(term deposit). As one can get good interest with FD, many youngsters find it to be a very good option.

 Kotak understands that youngsters may never like to visit bank again and again. Youngsters stay busy with their studies, friends, parties, work and other activities.

 Kotak that's why offers a very special feature with Kotak Jifi account. Whenever the amount in the account crosses Rs 25,000, it can automatically get converted to a term deposit. Due to this type of special facility, youngsters will be able to save their very crucial time.

 When I heard about this special feature of amount getting transferred into a FD for the first time, I felt very excited. I had told my friend that this special feature will definitely make Jifi account the most popular bank account among the youngsters.

 Youngsters can do Money Transfer Even When they are in College

 A student spends lot of time in college, classes or roaming with friends. If you're someone who likes to do everything just with the use of your smartphone, then Kotak Jifi account will make you more happy.

 By making use of Kotak Mobile App you'll be able to not only transfer money, but also make bill payments.

Kotak Mobile App
Kotak Mobile App

 So if you want to make any bill payment while you're in college, then you can immediately make use of Kotak Mobile App.

 With Kotak Mobile App you'll be also able to know about the most amazing discount offers. Kotak mobile App will give you the most amazing banking experience.

 Tweet to Get Any Information Related to your Jifi Account

 All youngsters love to use Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites. With Kotak Jifi you can get every info related to your account at Twitter itself.

Thinking How?

 First one needs to connect Jifi account with his Twitter account. Once the account gets connected, one can know account balance, transaction history and many other details. One needs to send tweet to "@KotakJifi' for getting any type of info related to the account. You should make use of the right hashtags for sending your request. List of different hashtags is available at Kotak Jifi website.

 I really liked this concept of Social Banking which Kotak is offering with Jifi account. There will be no need to call or sms to get any information related to the Jifi account, as everything can be known by sending a tweet.

Did you like this Social Banking Concept of Kotak Jifi? 

Will you love to send tweets for getting info related to your Jifi account immediately?

Track Your Expenses to Avoid Over Spending

Many times we spend more than we should. Thinking how to get rid of this problem? Kotak Jifi will help you in getting rid of this problem. 

With Kotak Jifi account you get the very special 'Kotak MoneyWatch' feature. Using this amazing MoneyWatch feature you'll be able to know complete details about all the expenses which you're doing.

Youngsters who always end up finishing their pocket money before the month ends should make use of MoneyWatch to know that whether they are spending their money in a proper manner or not. You'll be able to calculate income tax, store important documents online and do many other things just by making use of Kotak MoneyWatch. With Jifi account you get the chance to use the premium version of MoneyWatch for one year. After one year, premium version gets converted into basic version. You can pay Rs 1,499 for getting one more year of premium version of MoneyWatch.

 Kotak Jifi account can be opted by youngsters from cities which are Bangalore, Bhubaneshwar, Chandigarh, Mumbai, Kolkata, Pune, Jaipur, Delhi, Hyderabad, Chennai and Coimbatore. I'm hoping that very soon people from other cities too will be also able to opt for Kotak Jifi account.

 Many friends of mine have already opted for Kotak Jifi account, and you too can immediately opt for it. I felt very happy informing my blog readers about Kotak Jifi. I am thankful to Indiblogger and Kotak for arranging a contest to motivate bloggers to write about Kotak Jifi. You can get more info about this most amazing Jifi account at Kotak Jifi website. I'm hoping that Kotak will come up with more wonderful ideas for making banking more easier and amazing in our country.


  1. Interesting Article.Many youths are still Not aware of this New Jifi Account by Kotak Mahindra Bank .The Innovative steps like Rewards program can help in bringing youth's attention with this Accounts .Thanks Mohit for this New information

  2. Hi Mohit,

    Is their service available in Kerala?

  3. Hey Sagar according to me their service is not available in Kerala for now..In future you may see that Kotak Jifi will get available for Kerala too. I can understand that you may be eager to get this account as it is specially for youngsters like you.

    Sachin thanks for reading it and agreeing with me that Jifi account can be the best account for the teenagers.


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