Dec 20, 2010

Salman to watch Tees Maar Khan.

Salman to watch Tees Maar Khan.

The latest gossips going around in Bollywood is all about how Salman asked questions to Katrina in Big Boss and how he happily promoted the movie Tees Maar Khan which stars Akshay Kumar and Katrina Kaif. There were gossips going all around that Salman and Katrina are no longer friends and when Katrina appeared on Big Boss ,Salman Khan asked her many questions and also told that Tees Maar Khan is a must watch movie.

                   Salman Khan will or will not go to watch Tees Maar Khan is the gossip going all around and all will be waiting to see that will Salman make Katrina Kaif happy by going to watch the movie and will Salman and Katrina become friends again.


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