Dec 11, 2010

Rajinikanth celebrates 60th Birthday today.

Rajinikanth celebrates 60th Birthday today.

Rajinikanth one of the biggest actor of Tollywood and Bollywood celebrates his 60th Birthday Today . Rajinikanth who is known for his acting and his action scenes is celebrating his 60th birthday today and it is a very big occassion for him as this year he gave a very big hit Robot. Robot Movie made Rajinikanth more famous worldwide. 

                    Rajinikanth loves celebrating birthday with his family and this time he is going to do the same he will celebrate his birthday in his house with his family. Rajinikanth may have plans to do many more Movies after he gave a super hit and So the next year may be the another best year for Rajinikanth.

                         Hope Rajinikanth gives much more hits next year and Rajinikanth gets more popularity worldwide.

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  1. To match his star status, with all the money, he could have easily worn wigs, expensive designer clothes and flashed some designer accessories as well but Rajini sir stays the simplest possible with no airs of A superstar. He's never let success go to his head and behaves like a common individual everywhere which is what is the most charming part of him. For this reason ALONE, he is the only MEGA STAR in ASIA today. Belated Happy Birthday to this great man.


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