Oct 27, 2010

Vidya Balan to act with Rajnikanth.

Vidya Balan to act with Rajnikanth.

The latest news in bollywood is that Vidya Balan has been offered a role to act opposite Rajnikanth who after the success of Robot has become more famous and looking forward to dominate over all the other actors may be hollywood or bollywood.

It seems that it is a very big opportunity for Vidya Balan to become a popular actress as all who act opposite against Rajnikanth find the role as a chance to achieve what they couldn't.

According to the gossips in bollywood Vidya Balan has been offered a role in 3D animated movie named "Hara" and this movie is an improved version of a old movie. This movie is been directed and produced by Rajnikanth's daughter and she has choosen Vidya Balan to act opposite his dad Rajnikanth.



  1. She is hot and Sexy star of Bollywood .
    She is looking great in No one killed Jessica

  2. Yes both Rani and Vidya Balan are looking very beautiful in No One Killed Jessica Movie .The movie No One killed Jessica has been liked by many.


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