Dec 7, 2010

Google unveils Nexus S.

Google unveils Nexus S.

Nexus S will soon hit the market in US and it will be around 16 December and the price is not yet declared by Google . Google has finally unveil the Nexus S the android based device which will run on Gingerbread which is one the latest version of the Android platform . The phone has been co-developed with Samsung So that the device is perfectly built.
Nexus S has a pretty good skin of 4 inches and it has a camera on front and back side. Nexus S has been pre-installed with many applications and has options like Wi-fi ,GPS etc for connectivity . Nexus S may create a buzz in the market as it will work on Gingerbread which may enhance the user experience.

In all Nexus S looks to be a pretty cool phone with exciting features and once it will be launched it will be the users who will decide whether the phone is one of the best mobile phone.


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