Dec 6, 2010

Making money by tweeting.

Making money by tweeting.

 Twitter is one of the best social networking site and as we know that the number of users are increasing daily the scope of earning money from tweeting is also increasing . There are some people who are earning lot of money on twitter just by tweeting and may be you also should get excited knowing this that tweeting is not a hard task and there is a lot of money to be earn by tweeting.

Some people just promote their blogs or websites on twitter which gives them lot of traffic and let them earn money and their are some people who make money other ways on twitter. what are the other ways by which you can earn money by tweeting ?They are as follows.

 1. Selling products - If you have lot of followers on your twitter account then one thing that you may do is that you can sell some products of yourself or make some sales for your friend . This may become one of the way by which you may earn lot of money through twitter.

  2. Sites that pay for tweeting their advertisements - Some sites pay per click for tweeting their advertisements and whenever any one who follows you clicks on the link of such site you get paid for per click.

Twitter is used by many marketing people online to get exposure to their websites and products and it is also one of the  best source to earn money So do not waste time and start tweeting to start making money online.


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