May 20, 2015

My Mother, My First Expert - Making Me Live Life in a Better Way

"My Mother" - How often do you speak about your mother with your friends? 

 We all respect mother as she is the one who always takes care of her kids. She is definitely the first expert when it comes to learning to live life in a better way. In today's world, we can't rely on anyone else other than mother as she always gives the best advice to her children.

 When we grow up, we sometimes forget to realize that she is the first expert in our life. But its on the Mother's Day, we realize that how important she is in our life.

 Shouldn't we think that every day is Mother's Day? We should try to make her happy daily as she is the first expert and the best person in our life.

 In the childhood, she is the one who helps her children in getting over any type of fear.

 She is the one who always supports her children in each and every situation.

 When a failure made me frustrated and I thought to give up, my mother is the one who motivated me.

 My Mom made me realized that I need to have belief in myself .

 Switching from one professional course to another one was not easy as I had already invested good time in the one I was pursuing.

 She motivated me by saying the following words. 

 Don't Give Up
 Failure is a part of Life
 You May Be Struggling
 But, You need to keep Going On

 If You're not able to get Success with it
 Then go for something which is Better
 Move On
 Find the Right Path for Yourself 
 I have the Belief that You'll Succeed
 You Just Need to Forget What Happen
 And Make the Perfect Plan for Your Future

 I got motivated just because of my mother. I was able to select better path and it made me realize that I can definitely achieve what I want to.

 According to me, mother plays an important role in the life of everyone.

 Mother guides us, motivates us, shows us the right path and she is always there for us.

 Let me make you know some best things about my mother which makes me believe that she is the most amazing person in my life.

 1. She Always Encourages Me

 Whenever I think about giving up, she is the one who encourages me.

 When I'm unable to take some important decision, I just rely on her to help me out.

 I never get discouraged in my life which is just because of her. I know that she will always try to motivate me.

Whenever I discuss anything with her, she makes me feel confident.

Image Credits to Boians Cho Joo Young at FreeDigitalPhotos

 2. Coming Over the Fear of Failure

 No one likes failure.

 My mother always shows me the right path to come over the fear of failure.

 Whenever I think that I'm going to fail in something, She is the one who makes me become more confident.

 She is the one who makes me believe that I can definitely achieve my goals by working hard. She makes me realize that a small failure can never stop me.

 3. Always Supports Me

 So who is the one who always supports you?

 For me, it is my mother as she always tries to support me in the best way.

 Whenever I feel alone, she is the one who makes me realize that she is always there for me.

 I think that everyone of us gets the maximum support from mother as every Mom wants her son or daughter to always stay motivated and confident.

 Why My Mom is the Most Important Person in my Life?

Image Credits to Stuart Miles at FreeDigitalPhotos

 M - Motivator

 O - On Purpose to Make Me Feel Happy

 T - The Most Amazing Person 

 H - Helps Me 

 E - Encourages to Live Life in a Better Way

 R - Reveals the Truth of Life

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 After reading this post of mine, you might have realized that why my mother is the first expert of my life. Every mother should get the respect and care that she deserves to get from her kids. I'm soon going to give a 'surprise gift' to my mother and I hope that you'll also surprise your mother by arranging something special for her.


  1. Beautifully written... I especially liked the extended meaning of true... :-)

  2. Maniparna am happy that you liked reading it. Tried to be creative this time.

  3. Amazing read Mohit. Your mom is truly an inspiring woman. Hats off :)

  4. Thanks to your post that now I think my mother is my first expert. She also encourages me like your mother does..Awesome post friend...You've written in a very creative way.

  5. Beautifully expressed Mohit! And I'm totally with you - every day is mother's day! God bless your mom and you... keep smiling always :)


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