May 31, 2015

5 Best Features of Android M - Know the Reasons to Like the New Version

 Android 5.0 (Lollipop) version is been liked by people, but now there is something new which is going to make you feel more excited. Android M is finally here and the developers preview version of Android M has got available for Nexus smartphones. It is still now not known that when Android M will get officially available for different smartphones. At the Google I/O event, the features of  Android M got announced. Know the 5 best features of Android M in this post.

 These 5 features will make people like the Android M version. Some may definitely get excited to buy an Android smartphone with Android M version as soon as possible.

Android M - Know what's Special About it

The Best Features of the new Android M version

 1. Doze Mode Improving the Battery Life

 Android M brings Doze Mode which is definitely going to improve the battery life.

 All the inactive Apps will be automatically put into sleep mode and that's why the battery won't get over-used. Apps will be put to sleep mode only when your smartphone is not put into use for few hours.

 If you think that the Android Apps on your smartphone make your smartphone's battery drain faster, then you definitely need to wait for the official release of Android M. Apps won't make your smartphone's battery drain faster and that's why you may definitely start loving the Android M version.

 More talktime and more standby time is something which we can expect with Android M.

 2. Better Control Over App Permissions

 This is something which you'll find to be different when compared to all other previous Android versions.

 Now you'll be able to get control over App permissions which is something which will improve the security.

 Android M improves the security as you won't be asked for any permissions while installing any Android App. You'll be asked for permissions only when you'll be running the App.

 Better control over App permissions is something which I think is going to be a very useful feature for enhancing the security.

 Android M focuses on improving the security, this is something which makes Android M version better than the previous Android versions.

 3. USB-C Support

 Android M brings USB-C Support which will allow you to transfer data at a faster speed.

 New Apple Macbook comes with USB-C support and it has been very useful.

 USB-C is the new type of cable which is used for connectivity. It is really good to see that the USB version is now going to upgrade with the arrival of Android M. I just hope that users will love to make use of the new USB version and it may definitely help them in getting tasks done smoothly.

 4. InBuilt Finger Print Scanner

 Android M is going to make some people become happy as it will make Android smartphones come with inbuilt finger print scanner. You'll be able to lock your smartphone using your finger print and you may make use of it even while making your payments at malls.

 It is for the first time that this new Android version brings the finger print scanner at the API level.

 It'll be really interesting to see the improvements which will be done in future for making the finger print scanner become the best one.

 5. Improved Google Now

 If you're someone who really likes to make use of personal assistant, then the good news for you is that Android M brings in improved Google Now.

 Google Now will be able to keep a check on what's happening inside the Apps. It will be able to provide you with information instantly.

 Whenever you're talking with your friend on WhatsApp regarding restaurants nearby, then you just need to tap the Home button. Tapping the home button will make Google Now provide you with the information regarding the nearby restaurants.

 I hope that the improved Google Now will be liked by most of the Android users and they may definitely start making use of Google Now more frequently.

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 I hope that the 5 best features of Android M made you understand that why many people want to try out Android M version as soon as possible. You can definitely share your opinion about Android M version with me by commenting at this post.


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