Jun 23, 2014

ZindagiTV Making Unbreakable Connnections #JodeyDilonKo

I attended the ZindagiTv's "Jodey Dilon Ko" meet organized by Zee and Indiblogger in Mumbai. I learnt lot of things by attending this meet. Let me make you know the things which I got to learn by attending this meet.

 Can we live our life Alone?

 Yes or No?

 I think your answer will be "No".

 In life we can't stay alone.

 I always love to connect with new peopleDon't You?

 We are always in search of new friends.

 We need friends who can be trusted and especially friends who will stay in touch forever.

 Do you like to listen to new stories? 

Yes, I definitely do.

 In reality we all love to share our real life stories with new friends, and at the same time we love to know their real life stories.

ZindagiTV Channel

 ZindagiTv is the new channel which Zee is launching on 23rd June. It is going to connect people of India and Pakistan with each other. I think that it will be because of Zee ZindagiTv that people of our country India will be able to know some really good cross border stories.

 How this meet connected so many people? 

I'll firstly love to name this meet also as the "Meet of Connection" as it connected so many people at the same time.

 This meet was one of the best meets because bloggers from Mumbai and Delhi were able to see each other live and at the same time interact with each other. At the Mumbai meet scriptwriter, director and actor from Pakistan were present. They not only interacted with the bloggers from Mumbai, but also interacted with bloggers from Delhi. A very famous personality interacted with the bloggers directly from her home in Pakistan, and this was all possible because of technology .

 Debate Made Few Bloggers Turn Into Good Friends

In this meet I got to understand that not only good interaction, but debates too can be helpful in making 2 persons become good friends. Bloggers from Mumbai and Delhi were given opportunity to debate on few topics. When bloggers were debating on different topics they sometimes got angry, sometimes laughed and everyone of us witnessed many best moments.

 Bloggers who debated with each other will definitely like to know each other more. They may again debate on the same topic, and finally they may become friends forever. This means that ZindagiTv has already connected few people for forever.

 What I learnt from the Debate session?

 Zindagi mein dosti kahin bhi, aur kabhi bhi ho sakti hai

 Kabhi Achi tarah Baatein karta hua, to kabhi bahas karta hua

 Zindagi mein kuch dostiya honi likhi hoti hai

 Aur Jab Yeh dosti hoti hai  

 Tab Hume Zindagi bhar ke liya ek acha dost mila deti hai

 So If you start debating or arguing with an unknown person then don't worry. It is quite possible that both of you may soon become very good friends.

"Kabhi Kabhi Jagda se hi Dosti Shuru Hoti Hai"

 Actor Imran Abbas Naqvi Impressed Everyone

Actor in Jodey Dilon Ko Meet

 Imran Abbas Naqvi got very good welcome from Mumbai Bloggers. He then also started connecting with bloggers from Delhi. He was asked so many questions, and his answers impressed everyone.

 For making us happy he sang 2 amazing songs too. When he sang the first song 'Aisa Desh Hai Mera' all the bloggers got very happy. With his first song only I understood that he is not only a good actor, but also an amazing singer. All girls took photo with him, and many said him that he looks very handsome.

 These things made me understand that how happy we all can become by interacting with people from the other country.

 He said that he is very happy to work as an actor in India, and was very happpy after interacting with bloggers from Mumbai and Delhi.

 Interaction with Sultana Aapa

 Bloggers from both the cities felt very happy when they were able to connect with Sultana Appa directly from Pakistan. All the bloggers were very happy to know different things about her. I got to know that she runs an Entertainment network, and she is a very popular personality.

 Bloggers asked lot of questions to her. One blogger from Delhi made her know about how some people from Pakistan come in India for treatment. This should make us understand that how people of both the countries can be very helpful to each other.

 Variety of Stories will be shown on ZindagiTv

You'll love to watch the shows on ZindagiTv because all stories are going to be very interesting. Stories for ZindagiTv are written by some of the very popular and award winning novelists. You'll get to see stories from many popular books only at ZindagiTv. If you have always waited to see some of the most fascinating stories then ZindagiTv is surely going to make you happy.

 Serials Which I am Waiting to Watch on ZindagiTv

Aunn Zara at ZindagiTv

Zindagi Gulzar Hai on ZindagiTv

 I visited the ZindagiTv's website and got to know about some of the serials. The 2 serials for which I am going to definitely watch will be Aunn Zara and Zindagi Gulzar Hai. I really liked watching the Aunn Zara - Funny Moment video at the website.

 #JodeyDilonKo meet was the most awesome meet as Zindagi channel is an awesome initiative by Zee.

This meet made me understand that one can't only have friends from his own country, but also from other countries. Connecting with more people will make us know new things, make us feel better, provide us more knowledge and this is what will make a person better. If you're having less friends then you should definitely try to connect with more people. You should visit zindagitv.in for knowing more about the new channel ZindagiTv. You'll be able to watch ZindagiTv on DTH as well as Digital Cable. I think that this channel will get lot of success.


  1. This was an interesting article, which made me better understand which was the purpose of the bloggers meeting. It is also very interesting how technology evolved, allowing people to connect with each other, even on very long distance.

  2. No one can live life alone because we are humans and we need company of our friends, relatives and others. These kind of meets are great platform to meet many like minded people and discuss things with them.

    Glad you wrote your experience and your views on these meets.

  3. Nice information thanks a lot for sharing with us...


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