May 15, 2015

3 Reasons Making My Airtel App an Useful One for Me

 My Airtel App is the App which most of the Airtel subscribers are already knowing about. I'm also a Airtel subscriber and that's why I decided to explore this App which is by going through all the features of this App. When I was going through the features of this App, 3 features made me like this App a lot. These 3 features are now the 3 reasons which make me use My Airtel App regularly. By going through this post you'll be able to know these 3 reasons and it will definitely make you recommend My Airtel App to your friends and realtives.

 Shake for Exclusive Offers 

 The best thing about My Airtel App is the feature which is 'Shake for Exclusive Offers'.

My Airtel App Features and Offers Available with It

 CASHBACK, FREE DATA and FULL TALKTIME are the 3 type of offers which you'll be able to get by shaking your smartphone. These offers make me very happy as I have to just shake the smartphone to get very useful offers. 'FREE DATA' offer is the most exciting one as I am someone who makes regular use of 2G and 3G internet on my smartphone.

 Airtel Surprises Makes Me Happy

 With every recharge on My Airtel App, I get 'Airtel Surprises' coupons which are going to be very useful for me. This is the reason that I have decided to regularly make use of this App for recharging my number.

 There are different type of coupons and it includes coupons of popular brands which are,, PVR Cinemas etc. I've got the freedom to select the coupon of my choice and this is something which makes me happy.

 Managing All Services Using a Single App

 If you're someone who is having an Airtel Prepaid connection and at the same time Airtel Broadband connection, then this App is going to be very useful for you.

 With this App, one can manage DTH, Prepaid, Postpaid, Broadband and all the other Airtel services from the App itself. You won't have to visit the Airtel store for any purpose as it is this one App which will fulfill all the requirements.

 Time is very important for all of us. With My Airtel App, one also gets the feature of saving the frequently done tasks as shortcuts. By using this feature you'll be able to do your recharges easily and faster than before. You'll be able to understand the usefulness of this feature by downloading My Airtel App on your smartphone.

 Airtel App is available for platforms which are Android, iOS, Windows, Blackberry etc.

 You can download My Airtel App now by visiting the Airtel website immediately. After downloading this App, do let me know the experience you're having with it. Airtel is definitely making its subscribers happy by launching such type of amazing App. I expect that My Airtel App will keep gaining popularity and many new features may get added to it in future.


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