Feb 10, 2015

RCOM and Facebook Launches Internet.org - Access Services for Free

RCOM and Facebook have done a partnership which is going to benefit Reliance customers from different states. Facebook's Internet.org initiative has already become popular, and now its beginning has happened in India. RCOM customers will be able to make use of many free services just because of the Internet.org initiative. Go through this post to know more about Internet.org, available services, how to make use of them and much more.

 The benefit of Internet.org App is going to be for those who don't spend money for internet access. RCOM users will be able to get free services which includes news, communication, sports, maternal health, important announcements and much more. This partnership of RCOM and Facebook may definitely make some of the RCOM users happy. It'll be interesting to see that whether people will love to make use of these free services regularly by making use of the 'Internet.org'.

 These free services will be only available to Reliance customers from 6 States which are Maharashtra, Gujrat, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. In future Internet.org free services may get available for Reliance customers of other States too.

 Most amazing thing is that these free services will be available not only in English, but also in Hindi, Gujrat, Marathi and some other languages.

 How to make use of free Internet.org Services?

 If you're a Reliance customer, then here are the ways by which you'll be able to make use of these free services.

 1. You can directly access Internet.org from the screen of Opera Mini Browser.

 2. You can download Internet.org Android App from Google Play Store.

 3. You can make use of UC WEB Browser

 Internet.org free services may definitely become a hit in India as it may help people in saving money which they spend for data connectivity. Some people who just love to go through all type of news regularly may just really love this initiative as they'll be able to go through news for free. I hope that Internet.org will keep becoming more popular. I also expect that the number of free services will keep on increasing as it will definitely make RCOM customers become more happy.

 This partnership of Facebook and RCOM get popularity as RCOM customers may love the experience with Internet.org. If this will get success, then we can expect some more amazing things from RCOM and Facebook in future. Are you a RCOM customer? What's your opinion about Internet.org initiative?

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  1. I'll like it only if service is available in Odisha!! Thanks for the post!


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