Feb 4, 2015

VAN HEUSEN MYFIT Shirts and Trousers - Look Perfect and Stylish

VAN HEUSEN has introduced MY FIT which will let you easily find perfect-fitting clothes for yourself.  VAN HEUSEN is a premium lifestyle brand which is nowadays becoming very popular in India. It has been there in India from last 25 years. VAN HEUSEN understands the requirement of Indians, and that's why for making Indians happy it has introduced MY FIT. I went to this store to find a shirt and a trouser for myself. I'll be now making you know about the experience which I had at VAN HEUSEN.

 Firstly I'll make you know somethings related to MY FIT.

 Many times we go to stores and walk out just because we fail to find the perfect-fitting clothes which we require. I too had the same problem many times.

 VAN HEUSEN's MY FIT brings different type of fits and sizes for shirts as well as trousers. You'll first have the option to select from fits as per your body type, and then you can find the most suitable size for yourself.

 I don't like to waste time in shopping. This is the reason that I mostly decide to buy clothes online. If I don't get the perfect-fitting clothes, then I often decide to return them. This sometimes results in wastage of time as the online shopping site takes 1/2 days to pickup the clothes, and then 4/5 days to deliver the clothes with other size.

 I heard about MY FIT and was hoping that I'll be able to find perfect-fitting clothes very easily.

 My Experience at VAN HEUSEN

 I wanted to buy VAN HEUSEN clothing online, and that's why for finding the perfect-fitting shirt and trouser I decided to visit the VAN HEUSEN store which is located at 1st floor of INFINITI MALL, Malad.

 When I went inside the store I was confused that how I'll be able to find the perfect fit and size for myself. Then one person from VAN HEUSEN's staff helped me out. I made him know that I wanted to buy a shirt and a trouser online.

 He first measured my waist, and then told me to try out a trouser. The firt trouser he gave me to try out was a Healthy FIT 37 size trouser. This trouser was little loose and that's why I asked him to provide me with another one. He then provided me a SLIM FIT size 37 trouser which was perfect for me.

 Then I told him to find me a shirt which can fit me perfectly. He then provided me with a ATHLETIC FIT size 40 shirt. I felt very happy as the first shirt itself was the perfect one for me. I really liked the fitting of the shirt as it made me look perfect.

 After going back home I ordered the shirt and trouser for myself. In 4 to 5 days I got the clothes delivered at my doorstep. I'm very happy with the quality as well as the fitting of the clothes which I've got from VAN HEUSEN. Below pics will make you know that how perfect is the fitting of the shirt as well as the trouser. They are perfectly-fit, and I felt very comfortable wearing them.

Here are the few pictures which will make you know that how superb is the quality and fitting of the shirt and trouser which I have bought from VAN HEUSEN.

VAN HEUSEN MYFIT Shirt with Perfect Fitting

 Never Compromise as VAN HEUSEN is There for You

 Many times I had to wear loose shirts and trousers, but from now I won't have to do so. With VAN HEUSEN finding the perfect-fitting shirt and trouser is very easy.

 As per the information available, VAN HEUSEN offers 6 fits, 13 sizes and 10000 combinations. I don't know any other store which offers so many options.

 I had the best type of experience with VAN HEUSEN and that's why I'll recommend you too to buy a shirt and trouser at least once from VAN HEUSEN. I'm so impressed with the quality and the availability of different sizes that I wish to buy more outfits from VAN HEUSEN in future.

 If you also want to buy a MYFIT shirt or trouser for yourself, then you just need to go to VAN HEUSEN's MYFIT online store. I hope that you'll be able to buy best quality clothes with best fitting for yourself by visiting the online or the local VAN HEUSEN store.

 VAN HEUSEN's MY FIT is definitely the 'Perfect Solution' when it comes to buying a shirt or trouser with perfect-fitting.

  This post is for the MY FIT camapaign. I'm thankful to VAN HEUSEN and Indiblogger for giving me this amazing opportunity. I was able to buy the best fitting clothes for myself and had a wonderful time visiting the VAN HEUSEN store. I'll definitely recommend my friends and relatives to visit VAN HEUSEN store for buying stylish clothes with perfect-fitting.


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