Feb 17, 2015

5 Things I Would Do If I Was #BefikarUmarBhar

Most of the people want to live their life like the way they dreamed of, but it may not be possible unless one becomes #BefikarUmarBhar. If I was free and not having tension of anything, then I would have definitely done few things which I always wanted to. In this post I'll make you know 5 things that I would first like to do If I'll become #BefikarUmarBhar. I'm already feeling very excited as I'm going to make you know the things I've always dreamed about.

 1. Travelling to Goa Once in Every 6 Months

 I always hear my friends talking about going to Goa every year as it is such an awesome place to visit. If I'll become #BefikarUmarBhar, then I may definitely visit Goa once in every 6 months. My parents too have heard many good things about Goa, and that's why I'll try to take them too with me. I think that not only me, but many people may want to visit Goa regularly. Beaches, cuisines and many other things may make not only me, but many other people visit Goa at least once in every year.

 2. Riding a Sports Bike

 I've seen bollywood actors like John Abrahim riding sports bikes in movies. I've always desired to do the same in my life. I don't have any experience when it comes to bike riding. Once I'll become Befikar, then I'll definitely try my best to fulfill my dream of riding a sports bike. I'll want to ride a sports bike at the maximum speed as it will definitely become the most wonderful experience of my life. I'll tell someone to shoot a video so that I'll able to share my memorable experience with my friends and relatives.

 3. Participating in a Car Race 

 You may have definitely heard about Michael Schumacher. He has now retired, but you should know that he is a seven-time Formula One World Champion. I also love cars and speed, this is the reason that I may definitely want to take part in a car race once in my life. If I'll come at the first spot in any type of car race, then my friends and relatives may definitely feel proud about my achievement. Driving a sports car at a very high speed can be very risky and that's why you too shouldn't try it unless you become #BefikarUmarBhar.

 4. Jumping from Airplane

 You might have definitely heard about a sports activity called as parachuting. I have always wanted to do this in my life. I may feel afraid in jumping from an airplane even if parachute will be there, and that's why If I'll become #BefikarUmarBhar, then I may definitely try out parachuting immediately. If I'll be able to do parachuting once in my life, then it'll definitely make my dream come true.

 5. World Tour

 There are few countries which I may like to visit definitely once in my life. If I was not having any responsibilities and studies to manage, then I would have love to spend 3 to 6 months at least in the countries which I have always heard about. Switzerland, France and Germany are the countries which I may first like to visit after becoming #BefikarUmarBhar.

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