Feb 1, 2015

Quikr NXT - Amazing Feature for Buyers and Sellers

Nowadays many people sell their used goods online and Quikr has become one of the best platforms for buyers and sellers. Over the years, Quikr has improved a lot and now the most amazing feature which you'll be able to find at Quikr is Quikr NXT. If you always wanted to buy or sell things online, then this may be the best time as Quikr NXT makes buying and selling very easier. In this post I'll make you know 3 reasons which makes me prefer chat over phone call. After going through this post you may definitely start recommending Quikr NXT to your friends as well as relatives.

 1. No Need to Spend Money for Making Phone Call

 Whenever a product is being sold, a seller needs to make the buyer aware about different things related to the product. For example - If seller has used the smartphone he wants to sell for a month, then the buyer may ask him about his experience with the smartphone as well as the buyer may ask the seller the reason for selling the smartphone.

 If the buyer and seller want to discuss lot of things related to the product and the price of the product, then one may be required to spend lot of money for doing phone calls. Chat option will save your money and that's why you may make the decision to always make use of Quikr NXT for buying and selling used goods online.

 2. Photo Sharing - Make the Buyer Know Present Condition of the Product

 If you're selling a smartphone which you have used for a year at Rs 20,000, then the buyer may definitely want to see how the smartphone looks now.

 Even if you had purchased the smartphone at Rs 40,000 and now selling it at a much lower price, the buyer may still like to know the present condition of the smartphone. He may only like to buy the smartphone if it is still in a good condition. If the smartphone is looking like it has been used for 3/4 years, then the buyer may immediately reject to buy the smartphone.

 Photo sharing option provided by Quikr NXT makes the buyer know the present condiiton of the product that the seller is selling. Sellers won't be able to cheat the buyers as the buyers will be able to know the perfect condition of the product by going through the different photos sent by the seller.

 3. Number Privacy 

 The best thing about Quikr NXT is that it provides number privacy to buyers as well as sellers. Buying or selling can sometimes not be possible without proper communication between the buyer and seller. Some people don't like to provide their mobile number to an unknown person, this is the reason that many buyers and sellers from now are always going to make use of Quikr NXT to communicate with each other.

 After going through the points mentioned above, you may have definitely understood that why I find Quikr NXT as the most amazing feature for buyers and sellers. If you have still now not made use of Quikr NXT for selling any of your used products, then you should immediately go to Quikr. I hope that Quikr NXT will become more useful in the coming months. I also expect Quikr to launch some more amazing features for providing the best type of experience to buyers and sellers who regularly make use of Quikr.


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