Oct 20, 2014

Pros and Cons of Huawei Honor Holly Smartphone

 Huawei Honor Holly is the latest Android smartphone which comes within the budget of Rs 7,000. Honor Holly comes with impressive 5 inch display screen and many other good features. This Huawei smartphone is been compared with Android One smartphones, Asus Zenfone 4 and 5, Moto G (2nd Gen), Redmi 1S and other smartphones which come within the budget of Rs 7,000. During Diwali, this Huawei smartphone may get lot of demand. Now I'll let you know the Pros and Cons of Huawei Honor Holly so that you can finally decide that whether you should buy Honor Holly online or not.

 Everyone of us can just hope that Huawei Honor Holly won't get out of stock so that no one misses to buy this smartphone.

Pros and Cons of Honor Holly

 Pros of Huawei Honor Holly

 Large Display Screen

 Huawei is offering a large display screen of 5 inch in Honor Holly. It beats many other low budget smartphones due to its large screen size. The 5 inch screen comes with resolution which is 1280 x 720 pixels. If you need a low budget Android smartphone with large screen, then the only best option you may be able to find is this Huawei Honor Holly smartphone.

 Good Internal Memory

 Many companies are still providing internal memory of 4GB only in their low budget smartphones. Huawei understanding the requirements of customers has provided 16GB internal memory in this smartphone. Huawei Honor Holly when compared with Redmi 1S, Zenfone 4 and Moto E seems to a better option as it comes with more internal memory.

 Rear Facing Camera

 I can't say that its 8MP camera is the best one, but it is definitely quite good to impress you. Many low budget smartphones are provided with 5MP camera only, this is the reason that you may really like the 8MP camera provided in Honor Holly. Even all the Android One smartphones come with rear facing camera of 5MP only.

 Cons of Huawei Honor Holly

 Battery Life

 Even if 2000 mAh battery is provided by Huawei in Honor Holly, some people are not satisfied with the battery life of this smartphone. People are expecting that Huawei will provide an update to improve the battery life of this new smartphone.

 No Accessories Available

 People are missing to find any accessories for this new smartphone. Huawei should try to launch covers and cases for Honor Holly as soon as possible. Nowadays accessories are very important for users, and that's why many people are confused that how Huawei has missed to make the accessories available for Huawei Honor Holly smartphone.

 Quad Core MediaTek Processor

 Redmi 1S comes with Quad Core Snapdragon processor which makes it very powerful. Quad Core MediaTek processor seems good according to the price and other features of Honor Holly, but while playing high graphic games the phone there can be heating problem or the smartphone may hang. Huawei has done its best to provide the best type of processor according to the price, and that's why we can hope that Huawei will keep launching more better affordable Android smartphones.

Perfect Smartphone for you according to the price? You can immediately purchase this smartphone online.

 Buy Huawei Honor Holly at an Affordable Price

 After going through the pros and cons of Huawei Honor Holly, you may have definitely got the idea that whether you should buy Honor Holly or not. Huawei must be having very high expectations from this smartphone as there must be a special motive to launch this smartphone at such a reasonable price. Will you buy Huawei Honor Holly online? Do you know any other pros and cons of Huawei Honor Holly?


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