Oct 9, 2014

Best Tips to Improve Battery Life of Your Android Smartphone

 Bored because of less battery life of your Android Smartphone? In this post you'll get to know the best tips to improve the battery life of your Android smartphone. There is no need to buy a new Android smartphone immediately as you can get improved battery life with your current smartphone. These tips may not double your battery life, but you may definitely get better battery life than what you were getting before. If you're very frustrated with your smartphone, then stop looking at these tips and immediately decide to check out the best offers, deals available on new Android smartphones during the Diwali Dhamaka Week at Amazon.

 So you should now not only go through these tips for improving battery life, but also implement them as soon as possible.

best and useful tips for improving android smartphone's battery life

 1. Instantly Switch Off all Connectivity Features 

Are you someone who always forgets to switch off different connectivity features like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, NFC etc? From now you need to become careful and immediately switch off all such connectivity features whenever you're not using them. This is very necessary for not only getting increased battery life, but it also makes your smartphone safe from any kind of security attacks.

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 2. Get Rid of Addiction to Social Networking Sites

 Many people nowadays have got got a bad habit of regularly checking their social networking profiles. This habit may make you battery get used very fast and you may be left with very little battery life.

3. Reduce the Brightness of your Smartphone's Display Screen 

One of the reasons which may be making your smartphone's battery get used up very fast can be the brightness of the display screen. If you'll reduce the brightness of your smartphone's display screen, then you may definitely be able to get much improved battery life than before. While reducing the brightness of display screen you should try to make sure that the brightness doesn't gets so less that you stop seeing things properly on the display screen.

 4. Uninstall Unwanted Apps 

Some Apps may be consuming lot of battery life and that's why you should immediately get rid of such Apps. You need to go to settings and then to battery life so that you can know that which Apps or features are consuming the maximum battery life of your smartphone.

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 5. Don't Make Use of Vibrate option 

Many of us turn ON the vibration mode as most of us still don't know that vibration consumes more battery life. You can make use of silent mode instead of vibrate option so that you can get increased hours of talktime with your smartphone. Sometimes keeping the smartphone on vibrate mode gets necessary as you may not like to keep it on ringing or silent mode.

 6. Short Display Screen Timeout  

Another way to improve the battery life of any Android smartphone is to shorter down the display screen timeout. Always try to keep the timeout option to 15 seconds so that the display screen light turns off as soon as you are not using your smartphone. Shorting out the display screen timeout may frustrate you sometimes, but this has been a very useful way in improving the battery life.

 7. Install updates regularly 

Even installing updates regularly can be helpful in getting improved battery life. You should never avoid to install updates as you may lose the opportunity to see some improvements in your Android smartphone.

 8. Make use of Apps which Increase Battery Life 

There are certain free and paid Android Apps which you should immediately check out for increasing the battery life of your smartphone by few hours. By downloading the best battery saving Apps you may definitely be able to get improved battery life and you may decide to give up the thought of buying a new Android smartphone immediately.

 9. Get a New Battery 

Sometimes you may get confused that why the battery life of your Android smartphone has reduced drastically. At this moment you should understand that the drastic reduction in battery life may be just because of some problem in the battery. You should try to get a new battery as soon as possible so that you can get the battery life which you were able to get before.

 These tips must definitely help you in improving the battery life which you're getting with the battery life of your Android smartphone. You should try to implement these tips as soon as possible so that you can get improved battery life and get rid of tension of charging your smartphone again and again. Let me know any other tips which are useful for you in getting increased battery life.


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