Oct 21, 2014

Pre-Order OnePlus One on 27th October, Don't Miss the Chance

Finally the wait for OnePlus One smartphone is going to get over for many. You'll be able to pre-order OnePlus One on 27th October from the official website of OnePlus. If you have been waiting for this smartphone just because you were impressed with its features, then you shouldn't miss this opportunity. OnePlus company has got famous because of OnePlus One smartphone, and now it is going to open the door for everyone to pre-order this smartphone. You'll get this opportunity only for one hour on 27th October. Know about OnePlus One and how you can pre-order OnePlus One on 27th October.

 Pre-Order One Plus One at Best Price

 First thing you should note down is the timing at which you'll be able to pre-order OnePlus One. This window to order it will get open at 3pm GMT which is 8:30 pm IST.  You should yourself try to check out the timing at the website so that you can get perfectly sure about it.

Pre-Order OnePlus One

 This smartphone will be available at the pre-order website of OnePlus. The price for 16GB version of OnePlus is $299 only which comes around Rs 18,000. Another variant is the 64GB variant of OnePlus One which is priced at $349. OnePlus may ship the smartphones which're already made, while the rest orders will be counted as pre-orders. As still now OnePlus has not announced any limit on the total number of units that will be able to pre-order, we can expect that this day may create a history by giving OnePlus a huge surprise. It will be interesting to see that the number of orders OnePlus will get, and how the company will cope up with the huge demand.

 Don't forget to get an invite for this smartphone after you've pre-order it, as otherwise you may have to wait more to receive your favorite smartphone which is OnePlus One.

 OnePlus One Impressive Features

 OnePlus One has impressed people because it comes with very impressive features. OnePlus One has a very good display screen of 5.5 inch having resolution of 1080 x 1920 pixels. It comes with a powerful processor and the thing which amazed most of the people is that it comes with 3GB RAM. 13 megapixel rear facing camera of OnePlus One can be useful in taking the best quality pictures. Another amazing thing is that it comes with CyanogenMOd 11S operating system. Its 3100 mAh battery can provide you with very good talktime.

 My Verdict on OnePlus One

 The specs and features of OnePlus One impress me a lot. I'm still waiting to check out this smartphone personally. I'm hoping that some friend of mine will make the order for this smartphone on 27th so that I'll be able to write the review of OnePlus One smartphone. We can't expect to get better features at the price of $299 than what OnePlus has provided in One.

 OnePlus One has already got very popular. After this smartphone people have raised their expectations from OnePlus. After getting massive success with One, company may now launch a more better smartphone and get more popular worldwide. OnePlus has also collaborated with JBL to provide JBL E1+ earphones for OnePlus One at the price of $24.99 only. Will you pre-order OnePlus One? Do you think that OnePlus One is the best Android smartphone?


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