May 14, 2016

Travelling from Mumbai to Dubai - Having the Best Vacation

 Everyone of us wants to go for a vacation as it makes us become happy. The hectic work life makes many people become frustrated and that's why planning a perfect vacation is a must. The idea of perfect vacation is different for different people. My ideal vacation destiny is Dubai and there are many reasons for it. Dubai is the place where one of the cousins has traveled to recently and the reason is the good life over there. He always tells me about his fix routine and how he is enjoying his life in Dubai.

 Let me make you know my plan so that you too can think about going to Dubai and have the best vacation of your life.

 I'll be booking a cab from my home to go to the Mumbai Airport. This will be the most exciting time of my life as I'll be feeling anxious to reach the Airport and finally take the flight to Dubai.

 While travelling to Dubai, I'll make sure that I make some new friends. I will like to have some friends so that I won't feel alone in Dubai. The main purpose of going to Dubai is to have a memorable vacation by visiting all the popular places and I have already made a list for it.

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 Best Skylines

 One of the things which is a must to do is going through all the tallest residential buildings. My motive will be to go through Burj Khalifa and other famous buildings. I want to just imagine now itself that how I shall feel looking at some of the tallest buildings or even going to the top floor of some of the buildings.

 Visiting the Best Restaurants

 I always remember my cousin telling me about some of the best Indian, Arab and Persian restaurants in Dubai. I shall also fulfill the dream of going to some of the very popular Filipino, Japanese and French restaurants that are there in Dubai. I shall mostly stay in a 7-Star hotel as it will be the opportunity to experience the most luxurious stay in Dubai.

 Shopping - The Best Thing to Do

 Who doesn't like shopping? I plan to visit Dubai during Christmas because I may find many good offers on different products. Some of the biggest malls are there in Dubai. Even some of the retail stores have variety of products of the best brands and that's why everyone gets the best shopping experience in Dubai.

 Best New Year Celebration

 I even plan to celebrate a new year in Dubai. Fireworks take place near to Burj Khalifa and many people just love to see it. This is one of the best ways of welcoming the new year and Dubai is very popular when it comes to new year celebrations. If I can have an extended vacation, then I'll return to India only after celebrating the new year eve in Dubai.

  Superb Night Clubs

 I just love to dance especially when the best music is played. By going to some of the popular clubs in Dubai, I'll try to meet all the best DJs and make sure that I have a good time. I may even try to attend some parties and become a part of some groups so that I'll have some friends in Dubai whom I may meet at least once in every 2 to 3 years.

 I know it will become the most amazing vacation and I may wish to stay for more days in Dubai. But, every vacation ends and this will too. I will definitely remember the time spent and memories created while returning back in flight from Dubai to Mumbai.

 When it comes to Mumbai to Dubai Flights, you'll find many options. Yatra offers the opportunity to have the ideal journey as per your budget and you can do the booking easily. In around Rs 25,000 for the round trip to Dubai, I'll soon try to have the best vacation of my life.

 Dubai is the place which everyone should visit at least once in his life. From the school days only, I wished to travel to Dubai as many people in my locality used to work over there. If you haven't traveled to Dubai yet, then it may be the best time to plan your ideal vacation.


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