Apr 17, 2016

#QuakerBowl IndiMeet Experience: Healthy Afternoon Filled with Excitement

 The email informing me about the #QuakerBowl IndiMeet made me become happy instantly. The main reason for it was that I had got the break from the college just 2 to 3 days back after completing the VIVA, Moot Court, journal submission etc. The exams are scheduled in May and I was waiting to meet my old friends and at the same make some new by attending an IndiMeet.

 One coincidence which happened was that it was just few days back I had bought Quaker Oats for the first time and that too mainly because of my friend who is a fitness freak. He told me that Oats has helped him in reducing weight and getting a better body. This was one of the reasons that I was feeling excited to attend the #QuakerBowl Indimeet.

 I reached early to the venue that it JW Marriott hotel and was able to see the superb arrangement been done for it.

 Once bloggers went in to the event hall, the introduction session started. Some newbies seemed very excited to attend the Indimeet for the first time. As I have attended most of the Indimeets in Mumbai, I was excited to meet some of the new bloggers and I started interacting with them.

 Vikas Khanna - The Name Itself Bought The Excitement

 Waking up on a Sunday Morning can be really boring as many want to wake up as late as possible. But, the dullness turned into excitement when all the bloggers got to know that Chef Vikas Khanna is the guest for the event. When he made the entry, all the bloggers were very excited and I could hear some of the female bloggers saying that they are going to take many selfies with the handsome Chef.

 Vikhas Khanna was very humble and he started interacting with all the bloggers. He made the bloggers know that how he has joined hands with Pepsico for eradicating malnutrition problem from rural India.

 Question Answer Round - All About Nutrition

 All bloggers felt very happy when they got to know that Chef Vikas Khanna is going to ask questions and the bloggers giving the right answers will get the hamper. This question answer round went really well as bloggers were very excited to answer all the questions. Many bloggers won the hampers and at the same time gained very useful knowledge.

 Blind Tasting Competition - Testing Out the Bloggers

 Blind tasting competition was one of the most interesting competitions. Some of the bloggers were asked to taste a soup and write down the ingredients in a minute. Many bloggers did really well, while some bloggers were able to guess few ingredients only. It was really a fun time as many of the bloggers are not much into cooking, and writing down the ingredients could have been a tough task. Chef Vikas Khanna was surprise seeing that some of the bloggers did really well and wrote down many of the ingredients correctly.

 Oats Food Preparation Competition

 Every blogger may not be a cook, but this event definitely made many bloggers cook for the first time.

 Bloggers had to cook Oats food recipe using Quaker Oats and the different ingredients provided. Bloggers were grouped in teams and every team had to cook. Team 10 won this competition as their dish tasted the best and at the same time looked very amazing.

 Healthy Lunch for Bloggers

 After completing all the competitions, finally the bloggers started having their lunch. This was the first time that many bloggers were very excited to try out some of the dishes. The most amazing thing was that Oats were added to the gravy of Paneer Makhani and some of the other dishes. This was a very healthy lunch for the bloggers as Oats were added in many dishes.

 I think that many female bloggers will regularly make use of Oats for making the gravy thick and for making the diet more nutritious.

 A Very Successful Event

 I have attended many Indimeets before, but the level of excitement at this meet was much more than some of the other meets. The main reason was the presence of Chef Vikas Khanna. Another reason was that all the bloggers liked the interesting competitions expecially the blind tasting and Oats food preparation competition.

Me (The Guy in Orange Shirt) with My Friends at the #QuakerBowl Indimeet

#QuakerBowl Indimeet Made Every Blogger Become Happy

 It was the most exciting Sunday and it was all possible because of the superb arrangement done by the Inditeam. All the bloggers had the best time and the interesting competitions will always be remembered as it was a new experience for everyone. Such type of events may make some of the bloggers try out their hands at cooking more regularly and soon you may see that some of them may start uploading their cooking videos at YouTube.

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  1. Nice post! The event was surely fun and full of surprises (so were the desserts containing oats!).

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