Jan 8, 2016

NetFlix Launched in India: Know Different Plans

The wait of many Indians is over as finally NetFlix has got launched in India. This special announcement about NetFlix's availability in different countries has been made at CES 2016 in Las Vegas. Netflix is going to be available in 3 different plans in India which are Basic, Standard and Premium. It will be interesting to see if this On Demand Media streaming service will get popular in India as already other options like Hooq, Hotstar etc are available. Know about the different NetFlix plans available for subscribers in India as well as other important information about the launch of NetFlix in India.

 Let me first make you know the most amazing news which is NetFlix is offering one month free trial. This free trial is available for once only and you can choose any NetFlix plan. Try to choose the plan which you're looking to subscribe for after the end of one month period.

NetFlix Different Plans and One Month Free Trial

 The first plan is the basic plan which will allow subscribers to watch content only on one screen and content in HD quality can't be viewed with this plan. Even with the basic plan, you can watch the content on all the devices which includes smartphone, laptop, TV etc. The second plan is the Standard plan which offers contact in HD quality and advantage of viewing the content on two screens and two devices at the same. The most amazing Netflix plan is the Premium plan for which you'll be require to pay monthly charge of Rs 800 and it offers Ultra HD quality content which can be viewed on 4 devices simultaneously.

 There is a special option which will allow you to specify the content that your kid will be able to watch whenever he accesses NetFlix. It will show your kid only that content which is useful or recommended as per his age. NetFlix in future should definitely bring many more such important features which may make parents have total control on the type of content their kids are watching.

 Accessing Netflix is very easy as you can directly go to the Netflix India website or download the Android or iOS App on your smartphone immediately. You can subscribe for any plan by making use of a Debit or Credit card. Even if there is one month free trial, you may have to pay an international transaction fee about which you'll get to know while making the payment.

 Watching the best TV shows, movies, documentaries etc is going to become very easy in India because of the availability of NetFlix. By end of 2016, NetFlix may get available in many other countries. You can even expect that it may improve its service and may come with some special offers for all the subscribers.

 NetFlix may definitely get success in India as it offers the best content and there are different plans. NetFlix has already been successful in many countries and you can hope that many will be deciding to subscribe for their favorite plan. In 2016, you can even expect other online video streaming services getting launched in India as the connectivity speed may become faster and there is going to be launch of affordable 4G internet plans. Do let me know if you've already started watching content on NetFlix.


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