Jan 24, 2016

Positive Impact of Selfie: Avoid Addiction

People have went crazy for selfies and there have been some accidents recently because of this craze. I always tell my friends to avoid the craze for selfies, but at the same time one shouldn't forget to take selfies once in a while. Every person want to take selfies with his friends or relatives so that he can upload them on a social networking site. Let me make you know the positive impact of selfie so that you'll start clicking many selfies at any event that you'll attend.

Benefits of Selfie

 Selfie Makes People Smile

 Selfie brings happiness in life as everyone wants to look happy in most of the selfies. The busy life has increased stress in life of many people. The craze for selfie is making people smile more which is definitely something good. Staying happy is definitely good for health and that's why you may see that there is going to be more craze of selfies among people attending any special event.

 Selfie May Make You Get New Friends

 If you're someone who has less friends, then definitely the craze for selfie may make you get many new friends. You may decide to attend events and while you're clicking selfies with your friends, you may find that many unknown people too decided to be a part of your selfies. It is quite possible that because of these selfies, you may start interacting with these unknown people at the different social networking site.

 Selfie Craze May Enhance Your Photography Skills

 Some people have started saying to others that they are best at taking selfies. Every group of friends may want someone in the group who is expert in taking selfies. By taking selfies regularly, you may get to understand the way to take selfies with different angles and how to take selfies with maximum number of people.

 Selfies May Motivate You

 When you'll take more selfies with more friends, then definitely you may get the motivation to interact with many more people. There are some professions which require a person to interact more and such type of people may definitely get more motivation by clicking more selfies. I have seen some of the most silent people changing and interacting with more people now just because they too want to be a part of every selfie taken by their friends.

 The craze for anything in a limited manner can definitely be good, but the addiction can be very bad. Avoid the obsession of selfie as others too may not like it. Make others know that how a selfie can have positive impact in their life and then they too may start taking selfies with their friends. 2016 may definitely be the year in which many special selfie smartphones will get launched by different companies


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