Nov 11, 2015

Flipkart Introduces 'Flipkart Lite', App Only Plan Dropped

 Flipkart has taken a surprising move by launching 'Flipkart Lite' especially for those who purchase products from Flipkart using their mobile phone. Previously, Flipkart has announced that it will go App only, due to this people were not able to access the Flipkart's mobile website and soon the desktop website was going to get shut down. Flipkart seemed to have understand that people need all the options and that's why it has dropped the App only plan. The new Flipkart Lite for smartphones may definitely be liked by the customers as they won't be required to download the Flipkart App.

 This interesting move may make all the customers happy. It will be interesting to see that whether their other brand Myntra will also decide to give up the App only idea.

Flipkart Lite Introduced and App Only Plan Cancelled

 Flipkart might have realized that their customers are not liking the App only idea and many would have requested to again start the mobile website. Understanding the requirement of their customers and to make the fans more happy, Flipkart Lite version has got launched for smartphones and tablets. The most amazing thing is that Flipkart Lite comes with a very simple and easy to use interface. It will be interesting to see that whether people will like to buy products using Flipkart Lite or they will use the Flipkart App.

 The new Flipkart Lite mobile web App is optimized for Google Chrome browser and that's why you'll need to install Google Chrome browser first. Flipkart has done partnership with Google and that's why it has been able to make Flipkart Lite which is going to be the part of Chrome tools.

 As life is getting faster they day by day, even those who're using the Flipkart's desktop website may decide to start buying products using the mobile website. This move by Flipkart may definitely make them get many new customers as people may definitely like the fast loading Flipkart Lite.

 There might be many regular customers who might have not downloaded the Flipkart App just because of the less storage space on their smartphone. It will be interesting to see if such people will like the idea of Flipkart Lite or they will soon buy a smartphone with better storage space.

 I really like this amazing U-turn by Flipkart as I myself was waiting for something special like this. Even other e-commerce companies may follow Flipkart and launch something similar to Flipkart Lite, but it may not be easy as Flipkart has made use of many APIs for developing it.

 Even if Flipkart Lite will allow you to buy your favorite products easily from Flipkart, then too try to download the Flipkart App as you may find some of the best offers especially during the festivals on this App.

 Download Flipkart App

 Everyone may soon start talking about this move by Flipkart as still now it seemed that Flipkart has finalized the decision about going App only. It will be interesting to see that whether Flipkart will take some more interesting decisions in the coming days. Do let me know your opinion about 'Flipkart Lite' and this new decision by Flipkart to drop the App only plan.


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