Nov 22, 2015

#Madeofgreat - Doing Something Great Without Talking About It

 We have many things to do in our life. Many of us forget that we need to do something good for the society. It is necessary that one should work for a cause and keep doing it forever. If everyone will do something good, then many problems can get solved. I never knew that there are some people who do some amazing things without talking about it to anyone else. They are the most genuine people and just want to help everyone without thinking about getting anything back in return. 4 years back I shifted to a new locality and then I got to know an aunty who is always doing something great for the society.

 This aunty is someone who gives food and water almost daily to the dogs in the area. The most amazing thing is that she daily gives 1 hour or even more for feeding the dogs and seeing them eat makes her feel happy.

 I have seen her providing food to the dogs on many days and she never talks to anyone about it. She mostly does this good work in the afternoon time.

 Daily in the afternoon time, she comes with tiffins full of rice, mutton etc. She stays there until all the dogs eat the food. Whenever this aunty comes out of the building, the dogs start running towards her. It seems that the dogs know that it is the time for her to come and they start waiting for her.

 In the start, I saw that she only brings food. Now she seems to be bringing water too daily. Especially during the summer time she brings more water for them.

 She is spending lot of money daily just for feeding all the dogs nearby to her building without any selfish motive. This is something we need to learn from her. I don't know whether she is very rich or not as she never talks with anyone, but just smiles whenever someone watches her providing food to many dogs.

 You'll get surprised to know that she comes daily mostly at a particular time to feed them. She never misses it because all the dogs keep waiting for her.

 Another thing which happened few months back was that a dog in the area had got injured. No one cared to take him to the doctor. But, this aunty who provides food to most of the dogs near her
building took time and took the dog in an autorickshaw so that the treatment could be provided.

There are people who don't want to give time for such things due to their busy schedule, but this lady always regularly does something good for the dogs and that makes her feel happy.

 I have never talked with that aunty because whenever I saw her, she seemed to be busy giving food to the different dogs in the area. It is really good to see someone taking total care of the dogs which are living in the locality.

 We all need to think about the human beings and animals who are not able to get the basic necessities. Even if not daily, I think most of us do should something similar on some of the days. If everyone of us will just think about those who are living nearby to us, then no one will die because of hunger.

She might be doing many more amazing things for the society and the only reason making her do such things is that these things makes her feel happy.

Image Credits to Vlado at FreeDigitalPhotos

 Do Great Things to Become Happy

 The one thing I have seen is that such people who do good things for others without any selfish motive always stay satisfied and happy in their life. Listen to your mind and do the social work that you want to. It may be the right time to do some good things for the society without talking much about it. Just try to do a good thing which you wanted to do from a long time and it shall definitely make you feel happy.

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 If you're made of great, then definitely you too can start doing some amazing things in your life without talking much about it. All of us can change our thinking and follow the people with good heart who are definitely #madeofgreat. We all should realize that happiness is in making others become happy. Start doing some good things from now itself as it will definitely bring a change in your life.


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