Jun 6, 2015

Coolpad Dazen 1 Smartphone Pros and Cons

 Coolpad Dazen 1 is Coolpad's affordable 4G Android smartphone which comes at the price of Rs 6999 only. If your budget is under Rs 7000 for buying a 4G smartphone, then Coolpad Dazen 1 shall be one of the best options for you. As this one is Coolpad's first 4G Android smartphone in India, Coolpad must be having good expectations from it. Know pros and cons of Coolpad Dazen 1 as it will make you understand that whether Coolpad's smartphone will get more success than some other affordable 4G smartphones.

 Pros of Coolpad Dazen 1

Coolpad Dazen 1 Price, Pros and Cons Etc

 5 inch HD Display Screen

 It comes with 5 inch HD display screen having resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels. 5 inch screen size is considered as a perfect screen size for smartphones by many.

 Powerful 1.2GHz Quad Core Snapdragon Processor

 Coolpad Dazen 1 comes with 1.2GHz 64 Bit Quad Core Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 processor which is a very powerful one. It is good to see Coolpad making use of latest type of processor in this smartphone.

 2GB RAM Makes it One of the Best Smartphones

 At the price of Rs 6999, an Android smartphone with 2GB is definitely going to impress many.

 Good Camera Features Provided in Dazen 1

 Dazen 1 comes with rear facing camera of 8 megapixel having LED flash. It is provided with a 5 megapixel front camera having 22mm wide angle lens which will be useful in taking best selfies.

 2500 mAh Battery

 Some Android smartphones available in the same price come with 2000 mAh battery only, while this one is provided with 2500 mAh battery which shall make you get good hours of talktime with Coolpad Dazen 1.

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Cons of Coolpad Dazen 1

 Internal Memory of 8GB only

 Many people like to buy a smartphone having minimum internal storage of 16GB and that's why internal storage space of 8GB may disappoint some people.

 Android 4.4 KitKat

 It may be provided with Android 5.0 update in future, but it comes out of the box with Android 4.4 KitKat operating system.

 No Gorilla Glass Protection

 5 inch display screen of Coolpad Dazen 1 has no Gorilla Glass protection. If you want to buy a smartphone with Gorilla Glass protection, then you'll need to have a look at some other smartphones.

 Buy CoolPad Dazen 1 Online

 These pros and cons of Coolpad Dazen 1 shall have given you good idea that whether Coolpad Dazen 1 is a good Android smartphone at the price of Rs 6999. Different people may have different opinion about Coolpad Dazen 1. Do let me know your opinion about this smartphone.


  1. Every gadget has some pros and cons. This one too is no exception. But I guess the Coolpad is indeed a cool gadget.


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