Nov 29, 2014

Why We need to Raise Our Voice to Clean India?

Clean India is the dream of every citizen of India. Do you think that achieving this goal is very easy? Achieving the goal of Clean India may not be a easy one, but we can definitely achieve it by coming together. We all need to raise our voice so that everyone will understand the importance of cleanliness and good hygiene. By going through this blog post you'll be able to understand that why it is the right time to raise our voice.

 Support from Everyone is Needed

 Good hygiene is important for everyone, but still some people in rural areas are unable to get proper sanitary facilities. It is very necessary to bring change in our country India and that can be possible only when we all will decide to come together. Few people won't be able to do anything if we won't show our support.

 Some areas may look very clean, while some may look very dirty. Isn't it necessary that every area should look clean? May it be an urban area or a rural area, cleanliness should be maintained at every place in India.

 If we'll still keep on throwing papers and other materials everywhere, then it may take many years to achieve the goal of Clean India.

 Right time has come when all of us should take the steps which require required for making India what we all imagine it to become in few years.

 Getting Inspiration from Children

 I was just going through the different news channels few days back and suddenly I saw a news which inspired me. It was about a kid who always throws papers in the dustbin and not anywhere else.

 It seems that we are moving on in the right direction, but still many things are required to be done.

 Even teenagers are still making the mistake of throwing papers anywhere which is definitely a wrong thing.

 If children can understand the importance of cleanliness, then we should too. Teenagers and other citizens should learn from such kids who're giving their support by throwing papers and other waste materials only in dustbin.

Know About #AbMontuBolega Campaign

 #AbMontuBolega is a campaign by Strepsils. This campaign makes us understand that why each one of us should raise our voice for Clean India. It is the power of voice which can help in achieving the goal of Clean India. Strepsils wants support from all of us as 'Bin Bole Ab Nahin Chalega, Strepsils Ke Saath Ab Montu Bolega'.

You should visit this website to give your opinion. By giving your opinion you'll get a chance to win vouchers. You shouldn't miss this opportunity to join the conversation with Montu as your opinion definitely matters.

 If you think that Strepsils is really motivating youth to come together for achieving the goal of Clean India, then you can follow Strepsils on Facebook and Twitter to get updates in future.

 Am really very happy with this campaign of Strepsils as it is the youth which needs to raise the voice. Some people think that it'll take years for achieving goal of Clean India, but according to me this goal can be achieved very soon by coming together. If Montu can raise his voice, then we all too can. I hope that you'll also raise your voice and make your friends understand that why we need to come together for achieving the goal of Clean India.


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