Nov 17, 2014

Domex's Amazing Initiative to Solve Problem of Open Defecation

The problem of open defecation is one of the problems which should be solved as early as possible. Even if technology has evolved and many amazing things have happened worldwide, many villages in India are still not having sanitation facilities. This problem is said to a very big one because it not only causes health problems, but is also affects the dignity of women in India. Domex which is the sanitation brand of HUL has come with an initiative to solve this problem of open defecation in rural areas of India.

 In this post I'll try to make you know that why this problem should be solved as early as possible and what Domex is doing for solving this problem.

 Requirement of Proper Sanitation Facilities

 Staying healthy and fit is important for everyone. People living in urban areas are able to get proper sanitation facilities, but people living in rural areas are still unable to get basic sanitation facilities. It is really hurting that so many developments have happen in urban areas, but development in rural areas is happening at a very slow speed.

 People in rural areas defecate in open and this is definitely a very bad thing. This thing increases health problems in India as cleanliness can't be maintained because of this. According to some of the studies, lack of sanitation facilities is one of the reasons for rise in ailments. If people will keep on defecating in open, then such ailments and diseases may keep on increasing.

 The most hurting thing is that women's dignity is harmed because of lack of sanitation facilities. In some villages very few toilets are available and women have to wait in que which is a totally wrong thing. If good number of toilets will get available, then women won't have to wait. Women's dignity may stop getting hurt if good number of toilets will be built especially for women.

 People in rural areas may never understand the important of good hygiene if they're not provided with proper sanitation facilities. It is that's why important that all the rural areas in India should be soon provided with basic sanitation facilities.

 As we all want India to progress, it is definitely necessary to find ways for ending the big problem of open defecation. If we all unite to fight against this problem, then we may definitely be able to reduce the problem or even end it.

 #ToiletForBabli Initiative by Domex

 Amazing initiative of Domex is called as #ToiletForBabli.

What makes this initiative a great initiative? Domex is going to contribute Rs 5 for every click. If you want to show your support then you should visit Domex's website and then click on the 'Contribute Tab'. The more number of clicks Domex will receive, more the amount of money will be contributed by Domex. I hope that no Babli stays deprived of sanitation facilities and that's why we should make many more people know about this campaign of Domex.

 Children in rural areas should definitely get the basic sanitation facilities and that's why Domex is trying its best. If children from their childhood will understand the importance of proper hygiene and cleanliness, then they will keep implementing the same in their entire lifetime. The same children may in future take same type of initiative for improving the lifestyle of people in rural areas.

 It is because of Domex that the problem of open defecation will get solved to a good extent. Domex has already done brought good changes in many villages and it is having aim of building 24000 toilets by 2014 so that it can make villages 'open-defecation' free.

 I'm expecting that Domex will achieve its aim of building so many toilets as this will definitely bring some good changes in the rural areas. I have tried to show my support to Domex by writing this post. I hope that many other organisations will try to come with the same type of initiative. Domex's initiative is really one of the best initiatives and I think that it is just a start. This initiative may get very popular in future as many more people will soon start showing support to this amazing initiative of Domex.


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