Aug 1, 2014

Get Rs 2,000 Discount on Moto G Smartphone: Buy Now

Motorola Moto G is one of the smartphones you must have already heard about. Moto G is definitely the smartphone you may have thought about purchasing. We all know about the recent success which Motorola has got in India by releasing 3 superb Android smartphones at different price. Now discount of Rs 2,000 is available with Moto G smartphone, but you need to buy it before the stock ends. This may be the right time to buy Moto G online from Flipkart. Here are the reasons to buy Moto G at a discounted price. After knowing these reasons, you may definitely realize that why Moto G has been so much successful.

 The latest update I have got to know is that Moto G's 8GB version is out of stock at Flipkart. So I recommend you to buy Moto G 16GB version. Use the below links to buy Moto G now to enjoy Rs 2,000 discount.

Rs 2,000 Discount on Moto G Buy

 Buy Moto G 16 GB version now at Rs 11,999 only

 Buy Moto G 8GB version now at 10,499 only

 Moto G is very popular

 Motorola Moto G is a smartphone which has become one of the most selling Android smartphones. When it comes to low priced Android smartphones Moto E dominated the Indian market, but for those who want to buy smartphone around Rs 10,000 to Rs 15,000 Moto G became the best option. You may have seen lot of advertisement of this smartphone, and you may have also read many reviews. Moto G's popularity made other companies launch smartphones with good features at an affordable price.

 Moto G comes with good quality

 Many people have liked the quality of latest Motorola smartphones. Moto E and Moto G have impressed people in India mainly because of the quality. Motorola smartphones offer good battery life, and warranty of 1 year is provided with all the Motorola smartphones. The display screen of this smartphone is also of good quality, and it comes with Gorilla Glass protection. If you want to buy mid budget smartphone with good quality, then Moto G may be the best choice. Many people may have waited a lot to get the opportunity to get discount with Moto G smartphone.

 Moto G has got features which everyone loves

 The features of Moto G smartphone are just awesome. The processor is powerful as it is a Snapdragon 400 Quad Core processor. The best thing is that it works on the latest operating system which is Android 4.4 KitKat version. Camera features of Motorola Moto G are also satisfactory.

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Rs 2,000 Discount Makes Price More Reasonable

Already the price of this smartphone which is Motorola Moto G seemed to be reasonable. You shouldn't miss to make use of this amazing offer.

 I hope that you'll soon buy Moto G at a discounted price. It's really nice to see such type of best offer is available with such amazing smartphone. Your friends may have spent more for buying the same smartphone, and that's why you may give them a good surprise by telling them that you have got discount with Moto G smartphone. Do you think that this Rs 2,000 discount offer with Moto G is the most amazing offer available currently?


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