Aug 30, 2014

Superb Experience at Univercell Sync Showroom - Will Always Remember It

 I'm very thankful to Indiblogger and Univercell Sync for giving bloggers a special invite for visiting Univercell Sync showroom which has got opened in Colaba, Mumbai. As I love smartphones and tablets, I felt very happy after getting the email which mentioned - 'Mohit here is the invite for Univercell Sync Experience'. I'm now going to try to make my blog readers know the experience which I had at Univercell Sync.

 I got a very good first impression about the showroom. The showroom really looks good and everything seemed to be perfect. One question which came to my mind after entering the showroom is that - 'Why Univercell Sync showroom didn't get open earlier in Mumbai?'

Univercell Sync showroom Mumbai

 Variety of Smartphones and Tablets are Available

 When I first entered the Univercell Sync store I was welcomed by the store manager. This type of welcome in a very good way made me understand that Univercell Sync showroom really values every person coming to their store. When I first entered the showroom I thought that only smartphones are available, but later on I got the chance of going through some very good tablets too.

 Got the Opportunity to Go through My Favorite Smartphones

 As I knew that I'm visiting the new Univercell Sync showroom that has recently opened in Mumbai, I thought that only medium budget smartphones will be available. At Univercell Sync showroom I got the chance to go through some high end costly smartphones which I really like. HTC One (M8), iPhone 5S and Samsung Galaxy S5 are some of the best smartphones which I was able to go through and experience at Univercell Sync store.

HTC One M8
HTC One M8

Samsung Galaxy S5

 From a long time I was thinking to check out HTC One (M8) smartphone as I had really likes the features of it, and finally it was possible because of Univercell Sync. I'm going to recommend my friends also to visit Univercell Sync so that they can also check out the best smartphones. As one gets to go through different smartphones one can easily decide that which smartphone he should purchase.

 Superb Arrangement

 The most special thing about the Univercell Sync store is that everything is arranged so properly. One gets the chance to go through smartphones easily and store managers are always ready to help out.

 Univercell Sync understands that every person may not be tech savy. Every person may not know that the difference between the features of different smartphone. At the left hand side of every smartphone or tablet one can find a special information note mentioning details about the smartphone.

 After seeing the above pics you may have definitely understood that how at Univercell Sync one can get to know the features of different smartphones and tablets very easily. The information note seems to be perfect for everyone as it provides info regarding some of the most important features.

 Best Accessories available at Univercell Sync

 Nowadays not only smartphones, but also accessories are important for everyone of us. If you're thinking to buy a new smartphone you may be also looking to buy some special accessories with it. At Univercell Sync I found out that some really good headphones, speakers are available. Even memory cards are available at this amazing showroom which is Univercell Sync.

 Get OS update for your smartphone without wasting time

 Most of us will like to have the latest OS installed in our smartphone. OS updates keep coming. It is Univercell Sync which will help you in easily getting OS update by visiting the showroom. Software Setup service provided by univercell Sync is something which can be really appreciated.

 Transfer Contacts and Phone Data Easily

 Whenever anyone buys a new smartphone he may be worried that how he will transfer the contacts and phone data. If you'll buy a smarphone from Univercell Sync store, then there will be no need to worry about both the things. At Univercell Sync store you can ask for Phone Setup service so that they will easily transfer contacts and data from your old smartphone to the new one.

I always used to think that how I'll transfer contacts and other data from my current smartphone to the new one which I'll purchase. As now I know that Univercell Sync easily transfers contacts and data to the purchased smartphone from the old one, I may definitely think about buying a smartphone from Univercell Sync in future.

 Univercell Sync Totally takes care of its customers

 I have never got this such type of special experience like the way I got at Univercell Sync. When I went near to the cash counter I found that Univercell Sync offers some services which can really be very helpful to all the customers.

 Some of the services which may make you immediately decide to purchase your next smartphone from univercell Sync are as follows

 Hardware Insurance - Univercell Sync can provide you hardware insurance so that you'll have to no longer worry about problems like cracked screen, water logging etc. You may not get this type of facility of hardware insurance at every gadgets store, this is the reason that I think that Univercell Sync really values its customers.

Have you taken Insurance for yourself? then, why not take it for your new smartphone too? Hardware Insurance option provided by Univercell Sync is definitely going to make many people buy smartphones from their showroom.

 Mobile First-Aid - This is something very amazing. When I checked out the information provided in the picture near to the cash counter, I found that Univercell Sync also offers mobile first-aid service. Univercell Sync will help you in getting your smartphone repaired if any problem happens during the warranty period. It may also offer pick and drop facility to its customers who need some repairing done.


 This checklist which I found to be mentioned on a information pad in the Univercell Sync store really impressed me. It mentioned the different things which a photography enthusiast should check out while buying a smartphone. Check the below image and you'll be able to find 9 important points which you may also like to go through before buying your next smartphone.

 SIM Card, Internet Dongle etc also available at Univercell Sync

 For buying a new SIM card or internet dongle you may have to not visit any other store as everything seems to be available at Univercell Sync. I was able to go through the store section where I was able to find out such things very easily.

 Here are the best 8 reasons which will make me recommend my friends and relatives to visit Univercell Sync for buying a smartphone or tablet.

  •   Store Manager and staff always ready to help by providing all the information required
  •   Smartphones and tablets arranged in the best way so that everyone can easily check out every gadget available in the showroom
  •  One can easily check out the quality of display screen, camera features and sound quality of different smartphones and tablet
  • Membership and Seasonal Offers available
  • Software Setup and Phone Setup Service provided at Univercell Sync
  • EMI Option Available
  • Amazing Hardware Insurance and Mobile first-aid service is also provided
  • One feels very comfortable in the showroom as Univercell Sync wants to provide the best experience to everyone who is coming to the showroom to buy a smartphone or tablet.


 Univercell Sync store is definitely going to get lot of success in Mumbai and even the other cities. If customers will be also welcomed like the way I was, then definitely most of the customers won't leave the store without purchasing a smartphone or tablet. One can find all the best smartphones in the store and that's why one may be easily able to decide that which smartphone should be purchased. I can just imagine that if in the start Univercell Sync is offering so many exciting services, then what type of awesome services we can expect to get in future from Univercell Sync. If you're looking forward to buy a smartphone or tablet, then you must definitely visit Univercell Sync showroom so that you can also get the same type of amazing experience which I was able to already get. 


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