May 6, 2014

Important Tips to Make Money from New Blog in 3 Months

Is Making money from a new blog in 3 months difficult? Answer to this question according to me is definitely 'No'. It may take time but definitely generating money from a new blog is not that difficult. In 3 months you can start generating decent income from your new blog.

 You may have definitely heard that many new blogs are built daily but only few of them become successful. If some bloggers failed in making money from their new blog then definitely they must have done something wrong. You won't fail in making money from your new blog if you avoid committing the same mistakes.

 Here are the 3 tips which will help you in generating income from your new blog only in 3 months.

 1. High Quality Unique Content is must - As a blogger you should understand that for getting success from blogging marketing and SEO are important factors. Even if these factors are important, the most crucial thing to do is posting high quality content.

 Even if you publish post thrice a week it will be enough. If you are concentrating on quality then you shouldn't worry about publishing a post daily. You should give 1 to 2 days and try to write a very unique post for your new blog.

 2. Promote your Posts on Social Networking Sites - Having account only on one social networking site won't be enough if you want success from blogging.

 Facebook is definitely the best platform for promoting blog posts but at the same time Google Plus has also become a good platform for promoting blog posts. Social media signals play an important role now and that's why you should give at least 1 to 2 hours daily for social media marketing.

 The more the number of friends on social networking sites; more will be the number of shares, and this will really help you in making your blog successful.

 3. Know the latest Google Algorithms - SEO has changed and that's why bloggers also need to change the way they are doing blogging. If you follow the old techniques to get traffic then definitely you may never get success from your new blog in a small period of 3 months. Google keeps on coming with new algorithms and your new blog can also get affected by any of such Google update.

 The idea of keyword stuffing has stopped working. If you try to do keyword stuffing for getting traffic then your blog may suffer from Google penalty. Even placement of ads should be done properly. According to a new update there should be very less number of ads placed above the fold.

 These 3 tips should be implemented by you if you want to get success from your new blog in a period of 3 months. You may have heard about these things before too but you may have never thought that these things are so important. If you have got all the knowledge about blogging, and ready to follow these tips then definitely you should make a goal of making money from your new blog in 3 months.


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