May 2, 2014

Glenn Maxwell - The Best Player in IPL 2014

This IPL has been a really good one for some of the foreign players. I decided to let you know that which foreig player has performed really best in this IPL 2014. Teams who have picked up these best foreign players have been able to performed well while some teams even with the best players have not performed well. Let us know that who is the best performing player in IPL 2014.
Matches in UAE are over now and the IPL 2014 are now been played in India. Here is the player who has really given up the best he can in IPL 2014.

Glenn Maxwell : The Best Player in IPL 2014

Glenn Maxwell Best Performing Player in IPL 2014
Preity Zinta is very happy this season because Punjab has been able to win most of the matches played still now. Glenn Maxwell has been the best performing player for them. He has been been the most amazing player in IPL 2014 and he has already scored over 300 runs. He can be easily called as the best player in IPL 2014 because he has scored the most runs and he can bowl too. It is because of good performance by Maxwell, Sehwag, Miller and the bowlers that Punjab has been able to win so many matches.

Still now he has been the best batsman and we expect that Glenn Maxwell will perform in the same way in the IPL matches which are now been played in India. As the first phase of IPL 7 was played in UAE he must have got the habit of playing at those pitches and it will be interesting to see that whether Maxwell will continue the same type of performance in India too. He can play without any pressure as Punjab team has other good batsman too. Sehwag, Pujara, Miller, Bailey can come to rescue if Maxwell doesn't performs in the same way in any match which Punjab team plays.

All teams are making strategies to get Maxwell out and that's why Maxwell needs to play more carefully. His wicket has lot of value as he is the best player of IPL 2014. If he really understands his responsibility then Maxwell will definitely stay calm and give his best for the Punjab team.


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