May 2, 2014

5 Things Making OnePlus One Popular in India

OnePlus One is not available in India and still we don't know that when it will get launch in India. OnePlus One has become one of the most popular Android smartphones these days. There are many reasons which are making many teenagers talk a lot about OnePlus One smartphone. I heard from few of my friends that they immediately wanted to buy OnePlus One but they don't know that how they can.

You also heard your friend talking about OnePlus One Smartphone? Here are the few reasons which has made OnePlus One really popular among the teenagers in many countries.

OnePlus One Launch and Popularity in India

1. Price is Not That High - When anyone goes through the specs of OnePlus One he will definitely think that this smartphone must be having very high price. The most amazing thing is that OnePlus One is going to launch in 2 different versions which are 16GB and 64GB version. The price of 16GB version of OnePlus is only $299 which means that OnePlus One will cost below or just around Rs 20,000. Teenagers in India are surprised that in Rs 20,000 OnePlus One smartphone comes with so amazing features.

2. OnePlus One is Powerful - Quad Core processor of 2.5GHz is itself something very amazing and when people hear about 3GB RAM they get more excited. Yes, OnePlus is really powerful as the processor is powerful and RAM is better than many other smartphones. OnePlus One's performance may easily beat the performance of many smartphones.

3. Amazing Camera Features - Selfies are going to get better with OnePlus One. 13 Megapixel Rear facing camera with Dual LED flash makes 4K video recording possible with OnePlus One. The front facing camera is a 5 megapixel one and we are expecting that it will be very useful for taking selfies. It will be also useful for doing video calling.

4. Good Battery Life with OnePlus One - Most people complain about low battery life problem which they face with their Android smartphone. 3100 mAh battery is been used for OnePlus One and the amazing thing is that OnePlus has said that OnePlus One's battery will definitely last for a whole day. You will have to charge your smartphone only once and that will be enough.

5. Availability of All Connectivity Features - It seems that all latest features have been provided to OnePlus One. The latest Android 4.4 version and not only that but it is customized with CyanogenMod 11S. You will find that all the connectivity features are available with OnePlus One. No connectivity feature will be missed if you decide to buy this smartphone. Even NFC technology has been provided by OnePlus with its first smartphone.

If OnePlus One will get launch in India it may become one of the best selling Android smartphones. People are hoping that OnePlus One will soon come to India but we really don't know that how long the wait will be. Mid Range smartphones that come with superb features attract Indians a lot. Moto G attracted many people because it offered the best features in a price which is affordable. Let me know your opinion about OnePlus One?


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