May 3, 2014

Motorola to launch an Affordable Android Smartphone on May 13th

Finally the day when Motorola will launch an affordable smartphone is going to arrive. People were expecting that after huge success of Moto G in India Motorola will definitely launch an affordable smartphone in India. The event is going to happen in London and people are expecting that Motorola will definitely launch Moto E at this scheduled event.

Moto G got lot of success because in Rs 13,000 it offered the best features. Moto G attracted most of the teenagers in India and many people will definitely be excited to know that which smartphone is going to launch on May 13th.

 According to rumors Motorola will be launching Moto E. The expectations are that it will cost lesser than Moto G. Moto E will come with Dual Core processor, 1GB RAM and latest Android operating system. Moto E will be launched with a motive to attract the young college students.

Moto E may definitely launch at this event in London. Even if it is going to be a very affordable Android smartphone, Moto E will be having a good 5 megapixel camera. This smartphone will compete with most of the other affordable Android smartphones which have already launched in India.

Moto G costs over Rs 12,000 and MANY college students may not be able to afford it. With the launch of Moto E students will definitely get happy as they will be also able to buy a good Android smartphone within their budget. We are expecting the price of Moto E to be definitely within Rs 10,000 as this smartphone is going to be mainly launched for the teenagers.

We are waiting to know that whether it will be Moto E only that will be launched by Motorola on May 13th or it will be some other mobile phone. Another Question is that - If it is Moto E then whether it will get available only through Flipkart or even through retail stores?. We will try to update you with the info regarding Moto E smartphone and that's why you should keep visiting Indianplanet blog.


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