Oct 21, 2015

Real Togetherness - Its Importance and Making People Come Together

Real togetherness as per me is all about making friends and families together. I don't think that people should have a reason like marriage or any other event for coming together. It is the love and care which should make some people together regularly. As people have become busy in their life, they often don't get time to go out together with their friends and sometimes they don't even meet their relatives for years. Real togetherness brings back the smile, happiness and it helps a person realize that there are people who are always going to support him in his life.

 I still remember the days when I used to go with my family to beach, garden etc. I used to find them full with people, but nowadays I see that the crowd is not even 50% of what it used to be. Real togetherness is missing nowadays as people are getting more addicted to smartphones, internet, television etc. It seems that everyone has got the same thinking that if one can communicate on phone, internet etc, then why to meet regularly.

 People again need to get connected with nature as it is nature which brings everyone together. Every Sunday people should instead of communicating online think about going to a neaby beach or garden. We need to make everyone realize that it is nature which can make us feel relax and tension free. Internet has definitely made people connect with each other easily, but it is an addiction which has made people forget their friends and relatives.

 One of the problems these days is that we are forgetting nature. People are even destroying the nature by cutting off the trees for making more place for human settlement. It is the right time when we should start respecting nature totally and avoid cutting trees. We all can even come together and promote the campaign which is 'Save Trees'. People need to realize that trees provide us with oxygen, fruits and many other benefits. If people will keep destroying nature, then our life will also get affected. People should realize the mistake that they might be doing by not giving importance to nature. Global warming which has already affected life of many can be controlled by planting more trees regularly.

 Check Out Kissanpur "Real Joy of Togetherness" Video

I hope that this video will definitely make you understand that what is togetherness and why it is very important. You'll get to realize that it is nature that often makes people come together for a good reason.

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 This post of mine would have definitely make you understand that why coming together is important. You can even become a "Kissanpur little hero" by growing tomatoes in your building garden and making people come together. You need to check out the Kissanpur website for getting more idea related to this. We all need to start giving more importance to nature as it is nature which provides us many amazing benefits and we can't survive without it.


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