Oct 17, 2015

Aircel to Offer Free Basic Internet across India: Surprising Move

Aircel has surprised everyone by announcing that the Aircel subscribers will be able to get free basic internet. It may take a year, but already most of the Aircel subscibers must have become happy that they will be getting internet for free. This move has definitely surprised everyone, but it may become a strategy which will be adopted by most of the telecom operators. Know the speed offered and other information about 'Aircel's Free Basic Internet' by going through this post.

 Mobile internet has become a necessity among the teenagers as messaging Apps are used by them to connect with their friends. By providing free basic internet, Aircel may definitely drive in many new customers.

 All the new Aircel subscribers will be getting this internet for free for 3 months. The only rule that applies is that after the 3 months period customers need to do recharge of at least Rs 150 every month. The free basic internet will stay active if minimum recharge of Rs 150 is done every month.

Aircel Free Basic Internet Speed in Different Cities

 As per the information available, Aircel is already offering free basic internet service in Tamil Nadu and now it plans to provide this type of free internet to all its subscribers across India. Aircel is having large number of customers from Tamil Nadu and you can expect that it will be getting many customers in other cities too. You may most probably find that the free basic internet offer will be available for your city in a year.

 Aircel Free Basic Internet's Download Speed 64 Kbps

 You can't expect to have super fast internet for free. The free basic internet of Aircel offers download speed of 64 kbps which is not bad as it is not a paid internet service. You shouldn't forget that this Aircel internet has a FUP limit of 500MB per month. It will be interesting to see whether Apps like WhatsApp, WeChat, Facebook Messenger etc will work properly even at the low speed. You can expect to at least be satisfied as you won't be spending any money.

 Not only smartphones are getting affordable, but also mobile internet's price may be reduced by most of the telecom operators. Intex's affordable smartphone with 3GB RAM can definitely be a good option for you if you have low budget. Facebook's Internet.org which is now also known as Free basics has been liked by some people, while some people haven't liked it as they can't access all sites for free.

 Aircel's free basic internet is going to be a good option for many as they will be able to access all sites for free. 'Digital India' movement seems to be getting success in India and other telecom operators may also think about offering some type of free mobile internet service to their subscribers in all the cities of India.

 Aircel's free basic internet is definitely going to make many happy. Those who are unable to afford the paid 2G or 3G internet may definitely opt to become a Aircel subscriber so that they will get the free basic internet. Aircel has even announced 2 special internet recharge vouchers which are going to be available only at Snapdeal. If you want 2G or 3G internet at lower price, then definitely buy one of the recharge vouchers. Do let me know your opinion about Aircel's free basis internet service.


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