Oct 12, 2015

Fastest Expert Delivery By Paytm : Smartphone Delivery in 2 Hours

 Paytm has taken a big decision and it may really make other companies take the same step. It has announced that it will be starting 'Fastest Expert Delivery' service in India. This service by Paytm will allow the Paytm customers to get the delivery of smartphones and other electronic products just within 2 hours. The fast delivery of two hours may even make those who buy offline decide to buy their new smartphone online from Paytm. Other popular E-commerce sites in India may too come with this type of fastest delivery service in 2 hours as it may definitely attract customers.

 If you're someone who likes to get your favorite smartphone immediately by purchasing it online, then you should definitely try to know everything about 'Fastest Expert Delivery' service.

 As per the information that I have got, Paytm will be making an initial investment of Rs 100 crores for making sure that the customers don't get disappointed with their new service. The faster delivery shouldn't make customers take a wrong decision and that's why customers may even be able to go through the features of the smartphone that they have ordered.

Get Ordered Smartphone in 2 Hours from Paytm

 Paytm Associate Vice President has said that they will be spending Rs 100 crores in the next 6 months as then only they will be able to popularise this new service. Another good thing that is going to happen soon is that not only smartphones, but also other type of products which includes refrigerators, air conditioners etc may get covered by the speedy delivery service of Paytm.

 Paytm's Partnership with The Mobile Store

 Paytm has done partnership with offline mobile retail chain 'The Mobile Store' for offering this type of fast delivery and the best type of purchase experience to all the purchasers. The Mobile store is having more than 500 shops in India, but currently this service will be only covered by 465 stores located in 72 cities. If you've any questions related to the smartphone that you've purchased, then you'll definitely be able to get all the answers from the expert.

 The main aim is definitely to increase the revenue by offering the best type of service. Paytm which is used by most people for recharging online is definitely having the plans to become one of the most preferred platforms for mutiple purpose.

 As the festivals are nearing, every E-commerce company has started taking steps to attract customers. Flipkart's Big Billion Days Discount Sale starting tomorrow is much awaited special discount sale of the year 2015.

 It will be interesting to see that whether 'Fastest Expert Delivery' service will make many people purchase smartphones online from Patym. The competition is increasing among the Indian e-commerce sites and customers are definitely going to get many benefits of it. Lets hope that customers will like this service and they will be able to get best smartphones from Paytm delivered in 2 hours.


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