Dec 13, 2014

Rise Above Fear - Be Brave in Taking Decisions in Your Life

 Do you have fear of anything in your life? I think that you should come over all the fears as soon as possible. It is because of some type of fear that many people can't succeed. Mountain Dew makes us understand the importance of rising above fear. I will now try to make my blog readers know that how I came over the fear of failure in my life.

 We think a lot about our career as we all want to have a good future. For some of us future is more important than the present.

 The mistake I made in life was the decision to take CA course without thinking that whether it is the best option for me. Once I cleared SYJC, I decided to take up CA course as my friends had opted for it.

 I got to know from my friends that chartered accountants earn good amount of money every month and that had motivated me to take up CA course.

 I cleared CPT (entrance exam) in the first attempt and that too without opting for any coaching classes. My parents felt happy seeing that I have got success. Then came the next level of CA exams which is IPCC. The first attempt of IPCC I gave was just after studying for 15 days. I gave 3-4 attempts, but I failed to clear the first group of IPCC. I had got 180 marks in the last attempt, which is 20 marks lesser than what is required for clearing the group.

 I had never failed in any exam, I had never even got failed in a single subject before this. I was frustrated as I was unable to clear IPCC. I had got more afraid thinking that how much more time I will waste in this CA course.

 I wanted to give up CA course, but was not able to. I was thinking that what my friends will think. Even my parents suggested me to give more attempts.

 The problem was that I was not finding accounts interesting. I realized that even if I'm not able to get success in CA course, it doesn't mean that I won't succeed in other things. It is was during this time that I completed my commerce post graduation and I had got passionate about writing and earning money online.

 So I took a brave decision by deciding to give up CA course. I decided to give more time working online. As I wanted to study even after giving up CA course, this is one of the reasons which made me go for LLB course. Giving up CA course was a tough decision for me, but I had to do it as CA course was making me frustrated and I wanted to do something what I found more interesting than CA course.

 Now I'm running 2/3 blogs and at the same time I have completed 1 year of LLB course. I'm trying to work hard for getting the success which I wish to get.

What I have Learnt in My Life?

 I have now realized that in life we do mistakes, but we need to come over them. It is also necessary that one should decide to do the thing which one likes to do. Copying others is not the right thing as one may not get success doing the same thing his or her friends are doing. One should always take decisions on his own as no one else can control our life. Rising above fear may not be easy, but it will definitely be the best thing one can do.

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 After going through this post you must have realized the importance of rising above fear. So to end this article I will like to say that - 'Rise Above Fear' as this will help you in getting success in your life. You should also understand that it is necessary that you should take the decision when you have got the opportunity. Opportunities once gone may not come again and that's why you have to be brave in taking decisions in your life.


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