Dec 12, 2014

Swachh Banega India, Aaga Badhega India

 Swachh Banega India, Aaga Badhega India (India will become a Clean Country, It will Keep Developing More and More) - There is definitely a reason which has made me select this topic for writing about the importance of sanitation and good hygiene. I want people to realize that how can India develop more by giving importance to cleanliness, hygiene and sanitation. If #SwachhIndia is your dream, then you should definitely read this post written by me. I have written this post to motivate others to be a part of #SwachhIndia campaign.

 I previously was afraid to change, but now I believe that for achieving somethings in life we all have to change at some point of life.

 So we need to bring change in India and that can only be possible by thinking positively and making people understand the importance of cleanliness and good sanitation.

I'm starting this post with a short poem

Swachhta Hai Humara Lakshya,
Swachhta Ke Liya Hum Hai Ekjuth,
Swachhta Ke Liya Hum Karta Rahega Koshish,
Hum Haar Nahi Manega, Kyuki Swachhta Mein Hai Humari Jeet,
Swachhta Se Hoga Bharat Ka Naam,
Swachh Banega India,
Aaga Badhega India

 India is not behind, It is just the thinking

 Many people may say that India has still not developed, but according to me India has developed a lot. It is just the thinking which has kept India behind.

 If all people will change their thinking, then definitely the progress will be seen.

 People in India need to now understand the importance of keeping every place and every area clean. One shouldn't think that it is to be a type of burden, but think of it as a duty. It is the change in thoughts which can bring total change in India.

 We always try to do our work on time.

 So why can't we try to give some time for making our home and the surrounding look clean? 

 Can't we give some time in making others also aware about the importance of cleanliness?

 Yes, we definitely can.

 The right time to perform our duty has come. India is progressing fast. May it be business, infrastructure, sports or any other field, India seems to be developing fast. If we will perform our duty, then our country may soon get known as one of the very clean country in the entire world.

 Power of Unity Can Create the Required Magic

Unity of People to Make India Swachh

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 In India people of different religions and castes live together. We all respect each and every religion. We all believe in unity and that's why I think that unity is what can create the magic.

 If we all will get united and keep showing our support to the Swachh Bharat Campaign, then definitely the goal of Swachh Bharat will be achieved very soon.

 Each and every person should try to give time every weekend for cleaning his house and the surrounding. People should also try to see that the roads in their area are kept clean.

 Few people can't make entire India clean, but all people coming together can definitely make it work.

 Coming together having belief in unity will create a magic in entire country. If this magic will be created soon, then even the tourists may get surprised seeing the cleanliness in our country.

What we desire to achieve in few years can be achieved in a very short period and for that we all need to come together.

Men Also Should Take Responsibility to Keep their Home Clean

Responsibility of Keeping Home Clean Taken by a Man

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It is mostly heard that women are more keen in keeping the home clean, but what about men?

Why can't men take the responsibility of keeping the home clean?

According to me, men should also take this responsibility. Women also sometimes get tired. It is that's why necessary that men should also try to give time for keeping the home clean. By doing this men will not only be able to keep the home clean, but may also be able to make the other members in their family happy.

 Swachhta Can Bring More Economic Growth 

 Entrepreneurs are increasing, many new businesses have recently got started and this means that things are changing in India. Growth and success achieved by some businessmen of our country clearly shows that India is progressing. We believe in working hard and we Indians know how to do any type of business in the right way.

 International companies are ready to invest money in India seeing the talent and the opportunities. If India will become one of the cleanest countries, then definitely more companies will get attracted to make investment in different type of businesses in India.

 So I should say that - Swachhta is not only neccessary for making people stay healthy, but also for the economic growth of the country.

Swachhta will definitely bring many superb opportunities for youngsters who're looking for a good job.

 Kids and Teenagers Can Play Most Important Role

 We have often seen children and teenagers copying their parents.

 But when it comes to cleanliness, I think that parents can learn a lot from their children.

 I have seen many kids who're even below 10 understanding the importance of cleanliness. Small kids when they watch on television that how diseases and health problems are increasing just because of lack of cleanliness, they start giving importance to it.

Kids understanding the importance of cleanliness have started throwing away papers and other waste materials only in dustbins.

Can't we do the same? 

Can't we be responsible? 

Can't we decide to throw papers and other waste materials in dustbins only?

 Many teenagers are trying to motivate the people around their place of living to keep their home and surrounding clean.

 Parents of such kids and teenagers will also get motivated to work with unity to achieve the goal of - 'Making India totally Swachh'.

 That's why I say that kids and teenagers can play the most important role in the Swachh Bharat campaign.

Making People in Rural Areas Aware About Importance of Washing Hands Properly

Making People in Rural India aware about washing hands properly

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Rural areas have still now not developed like some of the urban areas have did.

It is necessary to make people in rural areas aware about the importance of washing hands properly. People in rural areas eat food without washing hands as they still don't give importance to it.

Dettol soap and Dettol liquid can be provided to the people in rural areas. Dettol is one of the most popular soaps as it helps in getting rid of all the dust, bacteria etc.

In urban areas large number of people make use of Dettol soap or Dettol liquid for washing hands. There are other good soaps available too, but it is Dettol which is trusted by many people in India. Do you also make use of Dettol soap or liquid for washing hands?

Dettol is definitely going to play a big role in making people in India stay away from diseases which mostly happen because of germs and bacteria.

 Persistence Can Make Us Achieve the Goal of Swachh Bharat

Don't Quit and Keep Going to Achieve Goal of Swachh India

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 Making India Swachh is one of the biggest fights for all of us.

 Like we don't give up on most of our goals, we should also not give up on the goal of making India Swachh.

 Achieving this goal may take time, but it is worth to spend so much time for making India Swachh.

If we will give up, then we never will be able to achieve the goal of Swachh India. We Indians are determined for achieving this goal and we need to always stay determined. It is our determination, dedication and efforts which will fulfill our dream of seeing India as 'Swachh India'.

 NDTV and Dettol India both understand the importance of 'Making India Swachh'.

 For showing support to the Swachh Banaega India campaign, there is a special show called as Cleanathon arranged on NDTV.

 If you think that making India Swachh is very important for you, then you should definitely watch Cleanathon on NDTV.

Amitabh Bachchan will be launching a nationwide campaign to make India clean and hygienic.

I hope that all the people will keep showing their support for making India Swachh. If you have still not given importance to Swachh Banega India campaign, then definitely it may be the right time to show your support. Even if we Indians have achieved a lot, we can achieve much more in the coming years. Unity of people in our country can definitely make India the best country in the world and we need to be determined for it.


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